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Almost 3 months have passed since i signed up for the AutoSchool, and now that moment  is here. I PASSED THE DRIVING EXAM (from the first attempt tbh). Wasn't really difficult, though i was feeling a bit nervous for the first five minutes. Toyota Corolla was like a toy car comparing to my Opel Astra, and it was a pleasure to drive it <3. 

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Ok,  haven't been changing anything at my homepage for more than 3 months... Dunno why but i decided to write something here. 

For the 3rd time i'm going to participate in The Vienibas Brauciens, 45km long marathon, taking place @ Sigulda. So the registration is opened alrady for a week and it's possible to get registrated up to 3rd of September - the race day. I guess this is the biggest cycling (<3) event in Latvia, whith 3k riders all over latvia and even neighbourhood countries participating. I really hope that this year is going to be as exciting as previous. here you can find some nice photos from the previous year's event. and even some videos inclunding me here.

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Happy Easter everyone!

Though i hate all those church holidays, want to wish happy easter to everyone! ^_^



ev0l easter bunneh



Pimp Pimp, Hurraaah!

It's Vinyl's birthsday today, so probly he's gona get uber drunk this weekend, or maybe not :d. Anyway, wish you all the best that a life can give, lotto, health, grls, and that you could make 50+ kg on your chest >:O) 





Finally got my first driving lessons at Credo. Instructor seemed really nice to me, though he thaught that i'm a total noob at driving. Driving started at Zakusala, where he told me the main things i needed to know about the car. Then i made one lap at the island and after that i drove to Ziepniekkalns, where  i continued lesson. On the way to Ziepniekkalns, i realised that it wont be that easy to pass the damn csdd exam as i thaught at first :/

The car i've been driving today, and will be driving for at least next 10 lessons:


Although i don't like Opel cars, this one is pretty good, however i have to get used to it <3






Today was looking through the old links and found out that T-Shirt Hell has updated their funny t-shirt collection. So i guess gotta update my own t-shirt collection in closet too. \o/

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