4 Signs That Says You Need To Invest In Recruitment Agencies In Germany

“You don’t build a business. You Build People. And then the people build the business.” - Zig Ziglar


The base of any business is its people and any mistake can cost you dearly. Starting a business is more or less like a roller-coaster ride. Everything is just so energetic in the beginning and you are ready to put all your energies into doing each and every task at hand with perfection. But, as your business starts to settle down, you need people to sustain and most importantly grow your business and with that comes the challenge of finding people to own your business as you do.


As they say, the success of your company totally depends on the people you hire and so having a full proof recruitment process is more of a necessity than a luxury. As one of the best German Recruitment Agencies, we come across a lot of companies who were not able to survive the wrath of bad recruitment just because they chose to ignore these obvious signs.


In order to help you take timely action, here is a list of 5 signs that indicates you need to invest in a Recruitment Agency in Germany:

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Sign 1 - Time Is Not Your Biggest Of Ally In The Whole Hiring Process


There is a need for you to worry if it is taking you forever to complete the hiring process or you are hiring just too often. Both the scenarios are far from ideal and is definitely a wake-up call to hire someone professional to take the matters in hand.


If you are taking too long to hire, this means that you are not able to make a choice from the limited candidate database you have. In this case, a recruitment agency will help you get a larger pool of qualified candidates so that you can choose a better match in lesser time.


Another worrisome sign is if you are hiring too often which implies high turnover rate of employees. This means that the people you are hiring are not aligned with your company’s goals and are misjudged on the true demands for the role. Hiring a professional here would bring with it years of experience and expertise that would help you recognize the right skill set as well as help you find the right kind of people who will be in sync with your company goals.

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Sign 2 - You Lack The Knowledge Of The Verticals


Now imagine yourself as a true marketing person interviewing a chemical engineer. What would you possibly ask the person? He might be talking about organic chemistry when all you were looking for is someone who knows inorganic chemistry. Hiring an agency can save you a lot of effort and time as they have teams that are expert in particular market verticals.


Sign 3 - Having An Inconsistent Recruitment Process


This is another sign you cannot ignore. Having an in-house hiring team is susceptible to a lot of errors. For example missing out on procedures like background checks or handling the guidelines on salaries. Partnering with a firm can help you implement best HR practices in the industry thereby laying the foundation of being a happy company that takes care of its employees.

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Sign 4 - Ineffective Interview Question


Are you hiring a particular role for the first time and have no knowledge of this role? That is another sign to go to the professionals rather than just googling it and asking the first ten relevant questions.


The most important aspect of hiring is the interview process as it helps you screen good candidates out of the applicants. If you are not asking effective questions, you will have trouble with your whole recruitment process. Having an expert on board would make sure that all the specialized tools and strategies are employed while conducting both standard and custom interviews with the candidates.