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Hello, I am Robert Hargrove and I’m passionate about leadership…

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Masterful Coaching

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Main Website: http://www.roberthargrove.com

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What leadership means to me is creating a world that we all want to be a part of. This applies whether you are the President of a country, CEO of a Corporation, or any professional in a leadership situation where there is an opportunity to make a difference.

I am the founder of Masterful Coaching and served as a Director of the Harvard Leadership Research Project. I was awarded for Distinguished Public Service by the United States Government for my coaching work with political leaders.

I’ve had the good fortune to be a CEO Whisperer to leaders at the highest levels of global 1000 corporationsthe New York Stock Exchange, Nike, Fidelity, AIG, Conoco Phillips, Unilever, Philips. I have counselled people on almost every conceivable leadership and business issue over a 30-year period, helping them to make great judgment calls and solve complex problems under stress and pressure when the chips were on the line.

Earlier in my career, I conducted transformational leadership programs with over 30,000 everyday people. I am currently working with Greg Goff, a Fortune 500 CEO, on the America’s Future Leaders project, which is designed to develop young people (18 to 28) as leaders. We want to work with the best and the brightest young people and inspire them to do extraordinary things to change the world in the next 50 years.

When I work with leaders in business, I help them to build an organization based on the 3P’s: 1) PLANET—doing something for the planet to make sure we have a sustainable future, 2) PURPOSE—I believe strategy starts with the purpose of helping customers lead better everyday lives, not just beating the competition, 3) PROFIT—I am very focused on helping my clients deliver excellent financial performance and superior value creation.

People have been kind enough to say about me…

“Robert put executive coaching on the map with his landmark book Masterful Coaching over a decade ago, inspiring people with his paradigm smashing idea that extraordinary leaders develop in the process of producing extraordinary results.”

“Robert has an ability to listen like you are the most important person in the world. He has a knack for cutting through Gordian knots with a few simple but deceptively powerful principles, or summing things up with a Zen-like transformational question.”

“There are many ‘coaches,’ but Robert is the real deal, his work with me over a one-year period was totally transformational.”

My strength is spotting people in a crowd with the potential to become extraordinary leaders and helping them to find the path to power by mastering the political chessboard, meeting 10X leadership and business challenges that peers thought were difficult or impossible, and building a great team or organization in the process.

If you think we have some potential synergies or I can help you in some way, please reach out to set up a free 15-minute consultation.

Robert Hargrove robert.hargrove@rhargrove.com (917) 789-6660

Robert’s Books

Robert is the author of many books and articles on coaching, leadership and collaboration. You can see Robert’s books here and download sample chapters.

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