Good Excuses to Get Out Of Work

There may be days when you just don’t feel like getting dressed for work and this is a perfectly normal behavior; it may be due to ill-health or pressures at the workplace which may have become hard to handle. These days may or may not coincide with holidays that are provided at the workplace and you may then need some good excuses to get out of work. There are websites where you can find the perfect excuse for missing a day at the office. These excuses must sound credible so that you do not end up disappointing your employers and becoming an object of their scorn. You should ideally choose sites that are reliable and have a long standing reputation of delivering quality excuses for missing work. You can make use of some of these oft-used excuses to enjoy a day off at the office:

Health Issues: Health concerns are the most commonly used excuses for getting off work for a few days. You can always cite health reasons to take a few days break from work and the excuse works better when you can get a close friend at the office to convey news of your ill-health. You could say that you had to be treated at the emergency because of a minor burn; excuses like this are bound to work.

Traffic Problems: Since this is one phenomenon that almost everyone is familiar with, this excuse becomes relevant anytime. You can inform your employer that you have been held for speeding and forced to take a course for safe driving. This will need you to take leave for a few days till you can get back behind the wheel.

Appointments: You can take a break from work by stating that you must attend an appointment which has been pre-scheduled on a work day and which cannot be rescheduled under any circumstances. You need to make it look like you cannot have the appointment fixed for a later date.

Household Obligations: You can always say that you have to look after an ailing family member who cannot be left unattended at home or you could say that you pet has accidentally consumed something dangerous and needs to be taken to the vet at once. If your employer is a pet-loving boss, he will empathize and immediately grant you a leave.

Jury Duty: You can always claim a leave saying that you have to be on jury duty which, as everyone is aware of, is unavoidable. This will let you enjoy a break for a few days easily and you will never have to give much information since this is a legal matter.

Accidents: You can tell your employer that there had been a criminal activity in your home the night before and you are too shaken by the incident to be able to work. You can also state that the police have asked you to be at home to answer their questions so that you can make a statement. You could also say that you had been in an accident where you have not hurt yourself but your car has been damaged. This will help you take a few days off from work since you cannot drive to your workplace during this time.

These are only some common excuses that are known to work with employers. You should ideally lay the groundwork in advance to ensure they sound credible. You must also take care to inform your boss at the right time, preferably an hour in advance.