Organs and Their Functions

  1. Kidney- Filters waste from the blood
  2. Urinary Bladder- Stores liquid waste
  3. Ureters- Carry waste from the kidney to the bladder
  4. Urethra- Carry Liquid waste of the body
  5. Large Intestine- absorbs water and minerals, stores waste
  6. Small Intestine- Absorbs nutrients
  7. Rectum- From here solid feces pass out of the body through the anus
  8. Pancreas- Sends enzymes through a duct into the small intestine
  9. Liver- Supplies energy to the body
  10. Pharynx- Carries food to the esophagus
  11. Trachea- Passes air from the lungs
  12. Salivary Glands- Release saliva
  13. Gallbladder- Stores bile
  14. Stomach- Mixes and mashes food
  15. Epiglottis- Prevents food and liquids from entering lungs
  16. Diaphragm- Allows lungs to expand
  17. Esophagus- Brings food and water from your mouth to your stomach
  18. Capillaries- Connects arterioles and venules, enabling the exchange of water, oxygen, carbon dioxide, and other nutrients and waste