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Electronic Music

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  Baby Decks DJ - A d
ual scratch turntable for the iPad.

Beatwave – Using just your finger, you'll be turning out wicked tracks that amaze your friends and family! 

   Bebot Robot Synth - Part robot, Part synth - Bebot is a musical synthesizer 

  CineBeat - Turn your life into a music video.

   Drum Kit – Create and record drum tracks as you’re playing along to songs from your iPad library.

   Finger Stomp HD - An innovative instrument app that pays respect to old-school hip-hop, rap and street musicians
 GrooveMaker Free – Create non-stop electronic, dance and hip-hop tracks in real-time like a professional DJ. 

  Mixeroo - A musical mixer for kids.

  moxMatrix - Turn your iPad into a multicolored, multitouch sampling groovebox.

Ninja Jamm - a free mixing and jamming app that lets anyone remix music.  

  Quixpin DJ - DJ music directly from your iPad library.

Seline Ultimate - A great live performance and improvisation music instrument.

Songineer - One of the fastest ways to create melodic electronic music.

  Spoke groove machine - This is the perfect scratchpad for making loops of any style.