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Change All Pivot Tables With One Selection

from Contextures Blog by Debra Dalgleish

Change All Pivot Table Filters

Despite the wild parties, I was able to get some work done over the holidays. There is a new sample file on the Contextures website, that changes all the pivot tables, when you change a report filter in one pivot table.

For example, if you change the "Item" report filter in one pivot table, all the other pivot tables with an "Item" filter will change. They get the same report filter settings that were in the pivot table that you changed.


Select Multiple Items

In this version of the sample file, the "Select Multiple Items" setting is also changed, to match the setting that is in the pivot table that you changed.

In the screen shot below, the Item field has the "Select Multiple Items" setting turned off. If any other pivot tables in the workbook have an "Items" filter, the "Select Multiple Items" setting for those fields will also change.


How It Works

The multiple pivot table filtering works with event programming. There is Worksheet_PivotTableUpdate code on each worksheet, and it runs when any pivot table on that worksheet is changed or refreshed.

For each report filter field, the code checks for the Select Multiple Items setting, and changes it on all the pivot tables with the same report filter field. The code loops through all the worksheets in the file, and through each pivot table on each sheet.

Private Sub Worksheet_PivotTableUpdate(ByVal Target As PivotTable)

Dim wsMain As Worksheet
Dim ws As Worksheet
Dim ptMain As PivotTable
Dim pt As PivotTable
Dim pfMain As PivotField
Dim pf As PivotField
Dim pi As PivotItem
Dim bMI As Boolean

On Error Resume Next
Set wsMain = ActiveSheet
Set ptMain = Target

Application.EnableEvents = False
Application.ScreenUpdating = False

For Each pfMain In ptMain.PageFields
    bMI = pfMain.EnableMultiplePageItems
    For Each ws In ThisWorkbook.Worksheets
        For Each pt In ws.PivotTables
            If ws.Name & "_" & pt <> wsMain.Name & "_" & ptMain Then
                pt.ManualUpdate = True
                Set pf = pt.PivotFields(pfMain.Name)
                        bMI = pfMain.EnableMultiplePageItems
                        With pf
                            Select Case bMI
                                Case False
                                    .CurrentPage = pfMain.CurrentPage.Value
                                Case True
                                    .CurrentPage = "(All)"
                                    For Each pi In pfMain.PivotItems
                                        .PivotItems(pi.Name).Visible = pi.Visible
                                    Next pi
                                    .EnableMultiplePageItems = bMI
                            End Select
                        End With
                        bMI = False

                Set pf = Nothing
                pt.ManualUpdate = False
            End If
        Next pt
    Next ws
Next pfMain

Application.EnableEvents = True
Application.ScreenUpdating = True

End Sub

Download the Sample File

To test the code, you can download the sample file from the Contextures website. On the Sample Excel Files page, in the Pivot Tables section, look for PT0025 - Change All Page Fields with Multiple Selection Settings. The file will work in Excel 2007 or Excel 2010, if you enable macros.