Born and bred in the United States, now based out of Boise Idaho, Excell Toy Poodles are thriving the world over.

Hi!  My name is Gloria Catalino. I was reared with humble beginnings. Born in New York, I raised my 6 children in New Jersey, where I acquired my first toy poodles. I fell immediately and firmly in love.  Since then I have bread approximately 50 toy poodles who have earned the title of Champion.

After my children left home to make lives of their own, I diligently sought out champion toy poodles to breed to my toy poodles thus began the many years of my unbridled passion to refine the many traits my toy poodles have now come to possess.  Boise, Idaho can now boast to being home to some of the most renowned toy poodles the toy poodle world has to offer.

My experience includes 48 years of breeding top quality toy poodles for show and companionship. Our toy poodle puppies are honestly represented and fairly priced.  I might add that they have strong patella's (knee caps).

I will gladly provide the references of people who have purchased my toy poodle puppies.  

For more info give me a call (sorry I do not currently have a contact phone). 

Gloria Catalino