It All Starts Somewhere

Image Courtesy The Corhinn Show
I remember when I first started learning Excel by myself. It was at university back in 2003. I was finishing my Bachelor Degree in Accounting. Yeah... I am an accountant and manager not an IT Engineering. At this time, I had to create a balance sheet as homework. The balance sheet depended on lots of data from other sheets and workbooks. It was tedious to go back and change every single dependent account line. Each time I slightly change some numbers for example my Current Assets line or Expense Lines, I had to go back and change the numbers in my P&L. So, I wanted the results to change dynamically in the Balance Sheet. I created many sheets linked to one each other and I was able to get what I wanted.
That was my first real report made in Excel and I was proud of the result. I dug that report from my archives back in 2003 that is shown in the screenshots below.

Looking at it today remind me the other students hitting their head on their desk with the calculator in their hand correcting numbers every 5 minutes. To let you know, I helped lot of them in Excel at this time.

We are going to share experience that you had when first contact with Excel occurred. This blog is for beginner to expert Excel users who want to share experience with others. Anything you would like to see on the blog, please let me know. Some changes might take a bit of time. I am playing movie director, screenplay writer and actor here. I am excited to start hosting you here.

Now, let the show begin.