Complete your
US Federal Income Tax
Form 1040
using my Microsoft Excel

spreadsheet income tax calculator.

The 2016 Federal Income Tax Spreadsheet is now available!

What's improved:
-  Added sheet to calculate 'Earned Income'
-  Moved worksheets for Lines 33, 40, 42, & 44 from sheet 1040 to their own tabs
-  Reworked age calculations and moved to top of 1040 sheet
- Added new "Capital Loss Carryover Worksheet—Lines 6 and 14" to Sch. D WS
-  On Form 2441, added Dependent Care Benefits input from W-2
-  Added accuracy advisory if overrides are used for Form 1040, lines 7, 15a, 15b, 16a, 16b, 20a, or 20b.

As always
carefully check all spreadsheet results against 
the results you obtained after using the actual IRS forms and instructions.
Please let me know of any problems you find.
This is very important
to your success and
the future accuracy of the spreadsheet


 The spreadsheet has been upgraded to MS Excel 2010. 
(The spreadsheet is now saved as a ".xlsx" file.)


"Thank you!" to all who sent money - 2016 was the best year yet!

To download 
the US Federal Income Tax Excel Spreadsheet, 
first click on the following link.
Then, carefully read and agree to the disclaimer.

(The link to the DOWNLOAD page is found on the DISCLAIMER page. 



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This spreadsheet is free.  
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Note 2:  I will contribute 10% of any and all donations to my local church!

Glenn Reeves



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Thank you for continuing to build the Federal tax forms.
My accounting guy turned me onto your work. 
Michael A.

Hey, your 1040 spreadsheet has been wonderfully useful - thank you.
I used it to catch my accountant out on a number of things.
Keep up the good work.

Andrew N.

I downloaded your wonderful spreadsheet
for a How to Project for my Business Communications class
at the University of Texas.
I used your spreadsheet as part of a presentation; 
we got an A!
Misha M.

There are other attempts at this solution on the web 
but they do not come close to yours in ease of use.
Mike G.

Saved $177 in taxes.
I like that your spreadsheet interface looks like the actual documents also.
Thanks for your great spreadsheet!
Phillip T.

This is the 10th year you've made our lives easier.
We cannot thank you enough for your diligence and commitment.
William and Laura H.

Thank you so much!
This is my 9th year using your tax calculator,
and I actually look forward to doing taxes because of it!
Robert B. 

You continue to provide the best tax software solution on the planet. 
Go Glenn!!!
Burt J. 

Outstanding spreadsheet!
Since the days of Lotus 123, I've been doing my own 1040 spreadsheet every year.
Nothing I'd want to publish, but accurate to the penny every time.
But man, your spreadsheet is over the top.
Your 1040 spreadsheet and TurboTax agree 100%.
Kevin W

I've decided NOT to buy TurboTax this year
since I've found your spreadsheet,
especially since Intuit's Premier version is
more than double last year's Basic version, and
it accomplishes the same thing for me.
Jim B

I didn't know about your spreadsheet
so I have the quicken software too,
and they match 100%, great job
Erick L

Thank you for providing (at no cost) what is, by far,
the most valuable tax preparation tool that I have ever used.
Jon W (Arizona)

 I had already done my taxes.
They are fairly unusual but I ran across your site and decided to run thru it as a check.
Agreed exactly!  I just gave up my quest to be the last person who does their taxes in pencil.
Linton B

 Wonderful project you have.
My hubby is getting his masters in accounting and he learned about your spreadsheet in class.
Virginia B

Love your spreadsheet.
Finished Schedule A, B and front of 1040 at nice pace.
... figured a couple more hours and done
 ... when ... wait, what? ... It's done?!?!?!?!
You've got to be kidding!
Joe L

I'm using your spreadsheet
as a learning tool for my tax prep class.
It has really sped up the learning process for me and
 puts most of the useful forms and worksheets at my finger tips.
I use it to do my homework and tax prep problems. 
Eddie A

I've been using your spreadsheet for five years now,
and it's great great great.
I plan to keep using it every year forever,
hoping that your are younger than I am!
Of course, I try to send a bit of money via PayPal too,
out of gratitude for making my life easier and
respect for making such a great spreadsheet.
 Outstanding work, thanks much.
Ty G (California)

Your spreadsheet ROCKS!
I've done my taxes with you since 2008 and
 can't bel
ieve the quality of your product - the speed you make it available, and the ease of use;
not to mention you just give it away. I have renewed hope in the open source economy.
Mike J, WA

I use your spreadsheet to organize before I go to a professional.
After the professional gets done I check the results using your spreadsheet.
I have found mistakes in three of five years!
Thanks for a great spreadsheet!
Dan M

I have used your tax calculator for two years now. 
It makes filling out the tax forms "fun". 
Thank you for making this form available. 
David L

I have used your spreadsheet over the years to ensure that my taxes are done right.
I have checked the spreadsheets out by doing it by hand, by using TurboTax,
and am always pleased that what I did with your spreadsheet worked! Thanks!!
Shelli G

I always thought there would be somebody with a spreadsheet-ed 1040.
After several years of using TurboTax, I had been doing my taxes in Quattro Pro.
But that's still tedious and error-prone with all the changes every year.
Really loved using your Excel. It is very well done and appreciated.
Burton J

Complete your Federal Income Tax Form 1040
using this Microsoft Excel spreadsheet income tax calculator.
It is a wonderful tool and
you’ll not find a better aid for the paper filer who does their own.
Bruce aka “taxguy”

I'm sure you get these accolades,
one after another, about your spreadsheet.
It is JUST wonderful.  I can’t explain it.
It make me FEEL wonderful.
Now for the most audacious comment yet.
It almost makes doing taxes FUN.
I’d bought one on those Turbo Tax type programs.  It gave me an “interview”.  What a crock.
Your spreadsheet is wonderful!
David F (Pennsylvania)

When I first used TurboTax, all I really wanted was a spreadsheet.  
After using TurboTax for six years and discovering what a time consuming, rip off it was,
I was so happy to find your worksheet.
This is the second time I have used it and it fits my needs perfectly.
You do excellent work, thank you!
Peter C (Indiana)

Next year I'm just going to use your amazing calculator instead of TaxCut.  
Yours is way easier and when I did a side-by-side it gave exactly the same results.
George S (Yahoo)

I'm a linux user.
There are no commercial tax preparation packages (at least, that I know of)
 available for Linux.   Your spreadsheet works great (using OpenOffice).  
Jeff D (Washington State)

I had manually calculated my taxes a few times already this year,
and wasn't looking forward to having to
do them again after finding additional paperwork.
Using your spreadsheet, I was able to enter
all my information and updates in 15 minutes.
Your spreadsheet also caught something I overlooked,
which could've been an expensive mistake for me!
Jay H-R (Yahoo)

I've always done my own taxes.
Your form makes it easier than it's ever been.
I'm now 78...but my heredity tells me
I'm good for at least another 10 years.
Please don't quit before I pass on,
I'd just HATE to not have your work each year.
Thanks again,
Hal B. (Verizon)

As you suggest on your TaxCalculator site,
I go back there periodically to see if changes have been made.
Also, I told my Saturday continuing education class
at a local university about this workbook.
The class is called Tax Preparation Made Simple and Fun.
Maybe some of them have downloaded it!
Thank you!

Wayne B. (Atlanta)

I started off using TurboTax....
But TurboTax took my military retirement pay and made it into an annuity and well...
messed up everything from all the past years.  
I was frustrated!  So I ended up surfing the web and found this web site. 
It was free; it was Excel; and I could try it out and see where I was going wrong with TurboTax. 
I had some minor problems with the spreadsheet but when I reported my issues,
the responses were quick and always there with an answer. 
Once the spreadsheet was completed, I frankly, did not care where I went wrong with TurboTax! 
TurboTax never did reply to my telephone calls or my e-mails!! 
The tax form was finished, printed, mailed in, and I got my return. 
I even had a minor discussion with an IRS tax representative and he never even knew
that the form was anything other than a regular tax form set to take inputted data (one square at a time).
 Of course, as we all know that is not the case...all the calculations are in the form!

Gordon T.  (Massachusetts)

I love your spreadsheet! (I've had it with Turbo Tax)  I'll be donating soon....
Mike Y.  (AOL)

Using your program will not only saves money,
but the user can trace the flow of information
much easier than in the packaged programs like Turbo Tax.
Vijay A.  (Frucon)

A Godsend!
This looks too good to be true!
What a fantastic resource you've made available.... 
If only I'd found it a few years ago...
You have improved my quality of life significantly! 

Robert B.  (AOL)

I can't believe e-file charges a fee and yet your software is free!
You're a saint!
Carl F.  (Virginia)

A great tool!
I have been using this Excel application for 4 years.
I find it superior to the commercially available ones.
I know what I need to enter and
don't need the frustration of answering all of the questions.

Dennis H.  (Internet)

Thanks again for the 1040 spreadsheet.
I've done extensive work in Excel over the years
and can appreciate the ingenuity that went into applying it in this fashion.
Donny G.  (Internet)

Thanks for the Tax Forms in Excel.
I wish I'd found this in the past,
because it sure saves a lot of time.
You can bet I'll be checking back next year!
Thor Z.  (Internet)

Once again it is the time of year
I search the Internet for your fantastic spreadsheet.
What a joyous smile I have each year when I find it again. :-)
Thank you very, very much!
Corey M.  (Internet)

Your Excel spreadsheet was extremely helpful!
Thanks for making this available free to the public.
Ted C.  (Internet)

Thanks again for your effort in creating 1040 tax form.
I have been using this terrific masterpiece 6 years in a row.
I also recommend it to all my friends and family.
They like it, too. Keep doing it! Great job!
Stephen H.  (Internet)

Thanks for the great spreadsheet.
This will be the 5th year I’ve used it and it’s still the best thing I’ve found.
I share it with all my friends at work and they love it also.
I really appreciate all the effort you have put into improving it.
Brad S.  (Idaho)

I have used your spreadsheet to calculate my taxes since 1998.
You have created a great product!...
Your spreadsheet is much easier to use than "Turbo Tax"...
I can flow through the application with concentration on the
tax information instead of learning to use a new application.
Additionally, it is very easy to open previous tax year spreadsheets
without reloading a special application!
Thanks again for your effort to create such a useful tool.
Jim B.  (North Carolina)

This is an excellent piece of work, its accurate and simple to use !!!
Mike C. (Maryland)

In 10 minutes your 1040 spreadsheet turned up $104
in excess FICA that I never, ever would have thought of.  Keep it up.
Jon F. (Florida)

This was as painless a tax year as I have ever had...THANK YOU!!!!!
Mark H. (AOL)

I just tried Intuit's Turbo Tax. 
What a royal pain in the neck -- your spreadsheet is tons easier to use!
Phil D. (California)

This is the third year I've used your spreadsheet
and it works like a charm.
You've done a great job on it again!
Your spreadsheet is one of the most useful programs
I've come across in quite a while.  Thanks.
Colin W. (U.K.)

This is my second year to use your spreadsheet.  I used to do a
version myself, but much less sophistocated; and certainly not as
early as you get it done.  Thanks.
Jon C. P.E. (Texas)

I am so excited that I found your link.  I had been trying all different
ways to superimpose the forms in Excel, i.e., scanning, copying, etc.,
to no avail.  This is totally awesome!  
Richard P. (New York)

I downloaded your 1040 Excel program and it's amazing how easy the taxes are computed. 
Thank you very much for making the program free.
Tulio B. (Internet)

Thank you so much for your creation of the 2000 Excel Tax Spreadsheet. 
It has helped my family a great deal. 
Steve R. (New Orleans)

Thank you for the use of your software.  It is very easy to use.
Kim and Dan M. (Earthlink)

Great job.
R.A.B. (Washington D.C.)

Let me say Thanks for the tax spreadsheets.  This will be my third year using them.  
They are a lifesave for those of us who don't want to use the fancy tax programs.

Doug C. (Internet)

Great!  You have a great product.  I hope you decide to continue it.
Mike A. (NASA)

IMPRESSIVE WORK!   I wish I would have found your spreadsheets BEFORE I
purchased and used TaxCut!  Your spreadsheet was staright forward and
much easier to use!  I would have given you the $20 I paid for TaxCut!
David R. (U.S. Army)

Thanks so much for providing your tax spreadsheets. I find that they are
easier to use than MacinTax (TurboTax for the Mac), which I've been using
for several years now.
Jay D. (Georgia)

This is my second year to use your spreadsheet.
It is very helpful and makes the process so much less a headache.
I have found no errors - the truth is that I am most grateful to you!
C.W.D. (Texas)

I used your Excel program for my 97 1040 and then I couldn't find it last year.
I think it is just super, well done and the price is just right!!!!!!!!
Being a retired person without the need for a long and expensive tax program, your spreadsheet fits my needs just super!!
I think people with more needs in a 1040 program than me, would find your spreadsheet more than enough.
Thanks again! Your web page is now bookmarked so that I can find it next year.
Roger (Internet)

Hi again! Glad you're still providing everyone with your excellent tax prep spreadsheet. This is my third year using it.
Frank Z. (Conneticut)

Thank you VERY much for your tax forms.  I've used them for the past three years.  Although I don't trust myself and still use a tax preparer,  I actually brought your form with me last year and told my advisor that she had to beat my numbers to get her fee! I just wanted to let you know that I find them very useful and consistently accurate - thanks again.
Dan O'C (MediaOne)

1999 will be the 3rd tax year I have used your spreadsheet for calculating my taxes.  I lost the hard drive on my PC last year and how nice it was to have my last two years of 1040s saved on a floppy in Excel. I also have a hard copy but recently had a request from the IRS for a duplicate copy. I simply printed it and mailed it.  I use it to do my own taxes and my elderly parents.
Andy V. (Iowa)

I think the spreadsheet is verry good.
Dennis C. (Georgia)

What a great concept!!!!!  You are the greatest!! Thanks for all your help. 
Sylvia C. (Texas)

This 1040 income tax form you have on the web is great!  Just what I was
looking for.  You did an excellent job. Thank you.
Jim D. (Texas)

Thanks for the 99_1040. It is exactly what I was looking for.
Rob S. (Florida)

Thanks for the spreadsheet, it sure beats Turbo Tax!
Gabe C. (Texas)

"Kudos; Excellent job! This spreadsheet was what I was looking for...."
GRS (Corporate)

Thanks so much for all your work in creating this spread sheet....
I am a C++ programmer, working on a relatively complex MFC application,
including ADCCP and TCP/IP communications, which is "cake" compared to working with our tax laws! 
I wish I had found your tool before I ever put pencil to paper. 
I ran into the  second part of Schedule D before I started looking for help....
This task constituted a quantum leap in complexity. 
I used your form, and entered everything including interest and dividends,
then entered the lines on schedule D.
Just like magic, all the numbers filled in!! 
Bill B. (Colorado)

The (spreadsheet) was great and I really enjoyed using it.
Thanks a lot.

Gladys R. (

Thanks for providing such a useful form for others.
I found it very useful, especially for dealing with
all the odd capital gains rules the IRS has.
I've referred many family and friends to your page.
Thanks a zillion. 
Paul W. (Missouri)

Great forms! This will save me alot of time.
Bill B. (AOL)

Thanks for keeping tax calculation easier.
Mansoor M. (Kentucky)

I am glad you put the forms on the web. 
It sure beats filling it out byhand!  Thanks. 
Your spreadsheet helped me find a big mistake. 
Unfortunately I owe money now. :-(
Rick M. (California)

Thank you for the EXCEL files.
As a professional in business, I use EXCEL daily
and this takes some of the fear out of filing.

Thanks again for doing all of us such a kind service.

Andy V. (Iowa)

Once again you have done a fantastic job on your tax spreadsheet.
Tim B. (

Thanks for making the 1040 Excel sheet.
I have been waiting for someone to make one of these.
Randy G. (China)

Super spreadsheet!!
Mike. F (Corporate)

"It works wonderfully.  It saves me so much time.  I like the simplistic approach, and the
"let me do it" idea.  The big companies take that out of taxes by incorporating wizards
and other junk to streamline and allow everyone to use it..  Keep up the good work!."
Steven K. (Arizona)

"Awesome! Sweet job!  From one Excel wizard to another, tres cool!!!....Thanks a mill."
Scott C. (California)

"It is a great effort and the work is very professional! Thanks. "
Dave DeM. (Pennsylvania)

"A million thanks to you for making the nasty experience of taxes so much more tolerable...."
Ron C. (Corporate)

"I've been passing your URL around Korea as the PX will no longer carry Turbotax.  The reason we can't get it here is because of the security in the program used for online submission of tax forms can not be exported outside the U.S."
Tim H. (US Serviceman)

"Slick work! Did my taxes in record time. I had tried to download a form from the IRS site and
was never able to get in. Searched Alta-Vista and found your site. What a breeze. Thanks!"

Rick A. (Ohio)

"Thank you for the 1040 form, it is very impressive......."
Robert N. (Texas)

"This is a very impressive piece of work & will be very helpful.
Thank you for taking the time to help your fellow Americans."
James C. (Corporate)


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