Excavations @ Parc Safari

Image credit: I. Paberzyte, 2007
Parc Safari director, Patrice Deneault talks with 
Michael Bourguignon (left), and Bronwyn Chester (right)
Excavations at Parc Safari, a project of the Department of Anthropology and Parc Safari, began in 2007, following an invitation by Patrice Deneault, the park's Director, to locate and excavate an elephant from the park's burial grounds.
With funding from McGill University's Dean of Arts Development Fund, Dr Andre Costopoulos, Project Director, set up an undergraduate field school. Since its inception, the archaeological field school has attracted both media and academic attention: At work in the elephant graveyard (Montreal Gazette, 2007); Ashes to Ashes, dust to dung (McGill Reporter, 2007).
In its third year, the project attracted recent Geography hire, Margaret Kalacska. Dr Kalacska specializes in the detection of clandestine mass graves in genocide situations using remote sensing technologies. This has brought to the project a significant new human rights dimension, and has made our results highly relevant to the archaeological investigations of human rights violations.

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