06 Flowering of the Claudine Charism - Sr Monica Joseph, RJM

posted Nov 9, 2017, 2:31 AM by Neil D'Souza   [ updated Nov 9, 2017, 2:31 AM ]
Fr Coindre played an important role in the life of St Claudine. He guided her, but he trusted her and gave her the freedom to let the Congregation evolve in the way the Spirit led her, which was very wise and benevolent of him. Sr Gabriela Maria wrote, 'The Congregation owes its preservation to the Indian Mission and to the intervention of the Foundress who continued her work as Superior in heaven.'

First: The Religious of Jesus and Mary from the beginning are a missionary congregation. Wednesday, July 14, 1841, is a red letter day in our history. M. Rossat, Vicar General of Gap (southeastern France), came to propose to our Reverend Mother Saint Andrew, that we should accept a mission in the East Indies. On behalf of Msgr Borghi, Bishop of Agra, he put forward a very tempting and pressing proposal to her: Christian education, values and a professional training, exactly as was the Vision-Mission statement of the sisters. Many nuns volunteered to go to those distant and unknown lands. Six were chosen – the number specified by Msgr Borghi – and they set sail from Marseille on January 27, 1842. For the Congregation, this marked the beginning of a momentous era, whose valiant heroines were imbued with Claudine's spirit.

Hence we have in our Constitution: 'the missionary spirit has characterised it from the very beginning.' (C6)

Second: Our Constitution obtained its approbation without the customary Laudatory Brief. The decree of approbation, signed by Cardinal Orioli, dated December 21, 1847, announcing the good news to the Superior General, Msgr Isoard, Auditor of the Rota, wrote:

"Reverend Mother, it gives me great pleasure to inform you that, contrary to the usual custom of the Holy See, your request has been granted in extensor; as a general rule, the Holy See grants only a Laudatory Brief in response to a first petition for approbation. In departing from its usual procedure, the Sacred Congregation wished to express its recognition of the remarkable growth of your Institution, the good works it has already done, and those it is called upon to do in the Master's vineyard.

Be of good heart, then; your zeal is already being rewarded in this life, but a far greater reward awaits you in Heaven."