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Celine Lobo– Petitioner
Joseph Fernandes – Respondent

Since the present whereabouts of Mr Joseph Fernandes, Respondent, in the above mentioned marriage case, are not known, he is, hereby, summoned by this Edict to appear in person before the undersigned Judge in the Office of the Metropolitan Tribunal of the Archdiocese of Bombay, Archbishop's House, 21 Nathalal Parekh Marg, Mumbai 400 001, on Monday, September 18, 2017 at 10:00 a.m. to give evidence in the above case, presently being heard before the Metropolitan Tribunal of the Archdiocese of Bombay. Anyone knowing of the whereabouts of Mr Joseph Fernandes in the measure possible should duly apprise him of this summons.

Similarly, anyone knowing the present address of Mr Joseph Fernandes is kindly requested to inform this Office of the same. Mr Joseph Fernandes was last known to have been residing at: 1101, 11th Floor, Panschsmruti Building, Near S.M. Shetty School, Chandivali, Powai, Andheri East, Mumbai 400 072.

Fr Emmanuel K.T. 

Ms Edna Menezes

September 04, 2017 
Tribunal Office, 
Archbishop's House 

Cardinal appeals for an ecological conversion

(Below is the Cardinal's message)

Pope Francis has declared September 1 as the World Day of Prayer for the Care of Creation. The Holy Father has appealed to all Catholics to observe this day as a day of prayer, so that we can become aware of our Christian vocation to be stewards of God's Creation. I invite all our faithful to join Pope Francis in this day of prayer.

In his Encyclical Laudato Si', the Holy Father reminds us that "the ecological crisis summons us to a profound spiritual conversation; Christians are called to an ecological conversation, whereby the effects of their encounter with Jesus Christ becomes evident in their relationship with the world around them." (217)

In prayer and in the Sacraments, we encounter Christ who gives us strength to overcome all hardships and challenges. In the midst of the present ecological crisis of climate change and global warming, we place our trust in the Lord who 'makes all things new.' (Rev. 21:5) It is through prayer we ask God for His grace and assistance.


Bible Committee's NT course

The Bible Committee of the Archdiocese of Bombay has organised a short term course (five weekends) on the New Testament (NTSTC).

The first module (August 25-26, 2017) was based on the Synoptic Gospels. Various guest speakers such as Sr Rosily (MTh in Biblical Theology), Sr Antonette (MTh in Biblical Theology) and Sr Pauline (PhD in Biblical Theology) took the sessions, along with Fr Walter.

The study started with introducing the various books of the New Testament. This was followed by Fr Walter telling us about the Gospel writers' background, etc. The various methods used to study the Bible were introduced. The Synoptic Gospels were compared for their similarities and differences, keeping in mind the Historical-Critical Method. The final activity of group work was excellent; it helped us to grasp the matter better.

These sessions conducted at Daughters of St Paul, Bandra were well organised and the hospitality of the sisters was excellent. Following are some of the comments made by a few students: "The NTSTC course on Synoptic Gospels was something that I encountered for the first time. It introduced me to a whole new world of reading the Word of God. Though it was tough, I feel it is a good beginning and an eye-opener for me. Looking forward to more."

"The course is excellent. I like the way the methods of Interpretation or study were done. Especially highlighting that intellectual knowledge was not important, rather growth in one's relationship with God is of prime importance."

"Personally, I benefited a lot from the session. I now look forward for the next encounter to study the Word of God on September 30, wherein I will study the Gospel of John."

For Kripa, healing Mother Earth heals addicts

The Kripa Foundation is a Mumbai-based NGO that rehabilitates people living with AIDS and drug addictions. It does so by caring for Mother Earth the way patients treat their own drug addiction in order that caring for the environment can trigger a healing process that embraces the whole life of patients.

To mark its creation 36 years ago, the Foundation has turned to farming and forestry. AsiaNews spoke to its founder, Fr Joe Pereira, who said that the idea of ​​the initiative came from Pope Francis' encyclical Laudato Si', "which calls on everyone to consume the resources of the planet responsibly."

"What better way to celebrate our anniversary than a plan that matches the vision of His Holiness?" Fr Pereira said. "This is why the Foundation has developed a project in favour of the life of the land, implemented by those who suffer because of their dependencies."

The idea of creating a "home garden" was formed in Goa last year. After choosing the land – an arid and abandoned lot of ​​2,400 square metres – it was watered and seeded. Now, it grows three crops and meets the needs of the Foundation and the local community with a number of lush plants, medicinal herbs and fruit trees.

In the future, the priest noted, "the garden will include poultry (chickens and ducks), aquaculture and bee keeping. Our potential expansion is limited only by our knowledge and imagination."

For Fr Pereira, who is 75, and celebrates 50 years of his priestly ordination this year, the focal point of the home garden project "is the rehabilitation of the sick and a therapy that keeps them busy."

"Rehabilitating patients depends a lot on what they eat and on a peaceful environment. Pushing drug addicts to take care of the earth can enable them to reflect and pursue the same healing process in their own lives."

The Kripa Foundation was set up in 1981 in Bandra, Mumbai. Today, it has 69 facilities in 12 Indian states, working with other associations in Europe, Canada and the United States.

In 2009, Fr Pereira received the Padma Shri Award (the fourth highest Indian award) from the Government of India, for his contribution to the treatment of drug addiction and HIV.

"The philosophy that guides the association reflects the spirit of service and dedication found in the work of Mother Teresa, who blessed our centres in Calcutta (Kolkata) and Vasai," the clergyman said.

"In the light of Pope Francis' teachings on the environment, it is necessary to bring forward the twin processes. Drug addicts must learn to observe and care for plants, from sowing to the joyful moment when they serve organic and healthy food for dinner. At the same time, the garden can become the expression of personal skills in which patients and members of the community can implement theoretical notions."

According to the priest, the value of the initiative is twofold: on the one hand, it benefits the sick; on the other hand, it counteracts the adverse effects of climate change.

An Empowering Journey

The Women's Leadership Training Programme (WLTP), organised jointly by the Archdiocesan Women's Commission and Sophia College for Women's Studies was held from July 22 - Sept. 2 at St Anthony Church, Malwani. 40 women participated in enriching sessions on women's empowerment and leadership through the years and today, women's rights by law and in society, management skills, Jesus' vision for women, and the Gender Policy of the Catholic Church. Each session was conducted by dynamic women who are experts in the respective fields. The sessions were interactive, and each participant was encouraged to share her ideas and views. The speakers used audio-visuals as well as activities, games and brainstorming exercises to drive engagement.

The course concluded with a valedictory function on September 3; Bishop Barthol Barretto graced the occasion. A variety programme was put up by the participants of the course. Bishop Barthol, Sr Ananda Amritmahal (Principal of Sophia College and co-founder of WLTP) and Jean Saldanha (Executive Secretary, Women's Commission) addressed the gathering. In a ceremony that combined solemn prayer and lighter moments, the certificates were presented to the participants.

The WLTP course has been successful in building confidence, sharpening skills and boosting morale of all the women participants. These participants are commissioned to build other women they encounter, spread awareness in society about the role and status of women, and stand up for justice against violence and atrocities towards women.


Atma Darshan : Encounter with God's Word Retreat - September 29 - October 1, 2017. For Registration & inquiry, contact: Gyan Ashram Campus, Mahakali Caves Road, Andheri (E), Mumbai - 400 093. India Tel : (0091) (022) 2836 3120/ 2824 2419. Mobile : (+91) 97696 94422.

The Retreat House, Bandra, will conduct a Scripture Series from September 24, 2017 at 9:30 am on the theme "The Sayings of Jesus'. The series will run for six consecutive Sunday mornings. Contact 2641 6653 , 2642 2095, E-mail: bandraretreathouse@gmail.com

Prafulta Psychological Services (a Don Bosco enterprise) is conducting a workshop on Stress Management. The workshop enables you to deal with stress in the present moment. Date: Sept. 27, 2017. Venue: Prafulta Psychological Services, Dominic Savio School Campus, Mahakali Caves Road, Andheri East, Mumbai 400 093. Tel: 2830 2323, 2837 3739, 90290 19715