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posted Jul 13, 2017, 11:57 PM by Neil D'Souza   [ updated Jul 13, 2017, 11:57 PM ]

Excellently written editorial

Sir, I refer to The Examiner dated Jul 08 - 14, 2017. I must congratulate you on the editorial written in true professional management style. You have correctly emphasised The Examiner’s role in communication between The Church and its followers in the city (Urbs Prima in Indis), the state, and through India, and finally across the globe. You have aptly condensed its role in the title as ‘Fanning The Flames of Faith’. It has kept the spirit alive and the ardour burning of the followers of the Church. Your journal has eminent Catholic writers, who have provided stimulating articles, thus inducing healthy debate on topics - religious, social, political, informative etc. May it continue to satisfy readers hungry for the truth. I


Cardinal Ivan's sense of humour

Sir, The late Cardinal Ivan Dias possessed many qualities of mind and heart. He was a balanced charismatic, a guardian of the marginalised, a man of prayer, an ardent devotee of Our Lady, an able administrator, a trouble shooter and so on. What impressed me most was his sense of humour. In any meeting, he would bring ease with his lovely jokes in his inimitable style.

Once addressing a clergy meeting, he told us that a priest should possess a quality of convincing others, and he related a joke:

Once, a beggar approached a priest for some alms. The priest pointed out to the Archbishop who was strolling around. 


Sad demise of Ivan Cardinal Dias

Sir, We are deeply grieved at the sudden passing away of our most beloved Cardinal Ivan Dias.

It was in the Synod of the year 2001 in Mumbai he gave his blessings for commencing Civic & Political Cells in all parishes; thus the core body of Church in the City was given the placement.


Nirbhaya case

Sir, We learn from reports in the media that Mohammed Afroz, the fifth accused in the infamous Nirbhaya rape and murder case in Delhi, and the most cruel and perverted one, who escaped death sentence being a juvenile at the time on the basis of a dubious school leaving certificate, is out of the Juvenile Home. He is reported to have vanished from Delhi to South India. He may be working in some hotel or anywhere incognito. Certainly, the police must search for him and arrest him, so that such heinous acts are not repeated by him or others.


A to Z tips for teachers

Sir, The Daughters of St Paul have recently published a book entitled ‘A to Z Tips for Teachers’, authored by Sr Antonette Jesumani, with simple but practical guidelines for all involved in the teaching ministry.


LCD/LED screens for church services

Sir, Several parish churches are unable to accommodate the faithful inside the main body of the church for Sunday Mass or some special occasion, and hence they have to be accommodated in the extensions of the church. And to enable them to participate in the Mass, LCD/LED screens are put up outside the church. This is a good thing; however, they also need to ensure that they are sufficient in number and of good quality, to enable the faithful to follow the services. They also need to be monitored whether they are in working condition through the year.

Recently, I visited a couple of churches. One is St Anthony’s Church at Malwani. Since it was the Feast of St Anthony (and the parish feast last month), the large crowds had to be accommodated outside the church. I must say the LED screens which were put up outside were excellent; the images were very clear and visible from all angles. This enabled the people to participate in the Mass.


Heavy school bags

Sir, A growing number of children are developing irreversible back deformities because of the weight of their school bags. Doctors are reporting a rise in cases of spinal abnormalities in pupils, including disfiguring curvatures known as scoliosis.

Pupils routinely carry bags filled with heavy books, laptops, sports kit and packed lunches, which may weigh as much as 20 kg. (Despite the Children’s Schoolbag Act enacted in 2006 which states that the school bag should not weigh more than 10 per cent of the body weight of the student, many students regularly attend school with heavy bags.)