16 St Dominic Savio: It's easy to become a Saint - Fr Lazar Arasu SDB

posted May 18, 2017, 7:56 AM by Neil D'Souza   [ updated May 18, 2017, 7:56 AM ]
Dominic Savio was the youngest confessor-saint—meaning a saint who is not a martyr like St Kizito or St Maria Goretti (till May 13, 2017, with Francisco and Jacinta Marto being canonised).

Dominic was born near Turin in northern Italy in 1842, and died before reaching 15 years of age. He was an ordinary child like any other child of his village. Attracted by the lifestyle of St John Bosco (Don Bosco, as he was fondly called), Dominic became his pupil at the age of 12, and desired to become a priest. Don Bosco inspired him with his youthful simplicity, cheerfulness and holiness.

At the home of Don Bosco, the first sermon Dominic Savio heard was about how to become a saint. Don Bosco said, "God seldom requires you to perform great or extraordinary feats, but He always challenges you to perform everyday actions with extraordinary attention and enthusiasm. The "little virtues" of patience, humility, gentleness, simplicity, honesty, and hospitality are powerful means for becoming a saint. Each new day is a new beginning, a new opportunity for growing in holiness. The motivation with which you perform some action may be far more important and powerful than the action itself."

In his first encounter with Don Bosco at his room, Savio read on the wall, "Give me souls and take away the rest." Immediately, the little boy exclaimed, "Here you deal with souls… I am a cloth, and you be the tailor; make me into a beautiful garment for the Lord." Indeed, St John Bosco saw in the eyes of the boy an eagerness to become a saint. There and then, a spiritual relationship was built.