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posted Apr 20, 2017, 7:45 AM by Neil D'Souza   [ updated Apr 20, 2017, 7:45 AM ]

Easter Empowerment Everyday

Sir, Your enabling editorial, “Easter Empowerment” (The Examiner, 15-21 April, 2017) has faithfully concluded that our Easter Alleluia proclaims the unending and unquenchable fire of God’s Love! This empowers us with “light and life, grace and mercy, joy and peace!” So allow me to give these attributes a ‘Scriptural Spin’, to facilitate us to practise these virtues on a daily basis.


The Culture of Waste

Sir, Time and again, Pope Francis has hit out at the ‘culture of waste’. Echoing the same sentiment, PM Narendra Modi in his recent ‘Mann ki baat’ radio talk, expressed anguish at the humongous waste of food in the country. Taking a cue, the Food ministry headed by Mr Ram Vilas Paswan is now planning to fix the size and portions of food items served in hotels and restaurants to prevent wastage.


Devotion to the Divine Mercy

Sir, It was St John Paul II who fostered and nurtured the devotion to the Divine Mercy of Jesus, St Faustina Kowalska. This he instituted in response to Christ’s request. It is very coincident that Pope Benedict beatified John Paul II on May 1, 2011, also a Sunday of Divine Mercy. He was later canonised by Pope Francis on April 27, 2014 on the occasion of the same feast - three confirmations, so that the faithful will continue to foster the devotion attributed to St Faustina which is now spread the world over. 


Pray for South Sudan

Sir, The people of South Sudan are in urgent need of our prayers. South Sudan is a landlocked Christian majority country in north east Africa. According to latest reports, there is an ongoing massacre of innocents in this world's poorest country. The dominant Dinka tribal militia is targeting the non-Dinka population. This is somewhat similar to the genocide that took place in Rwanda in 1994, resulting in the death of 8,00,000 Rwandans, as the world looked on.

While the gassing of people in Syria and prospects of a North Korea-US clash are dominating the world headlines, the ongoing mass murder of innocents in South Sudan is largely ignored. But, ignored or not, the mass murder of non-Dinka tribes is real and is happening, as I pen this missive.

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An Unhappy State

Sir, Thank you for the interesting feature "Can we celebrate 'Our Health'?" by Fr Cedric Prakash SJ (The Examiner, April 15 to 21, 2017). Fr Prakash states that, according to the global assessment on " health performance", India ranked a pathetic 143 out of 188 countries, way behind countries like Sri Lanka (79), China (92), even war torn Syria (117), and Iraq (128). A few weeks ago the Mumbai Mirror carried a report on the 'world's happiest countries'. There, too, India was ranked amongst the lowest at 122 as compared to our neighbours, Pakistan (80), Nepal (99) and Bangladesh (110).


On a Hill Far Away

Sir, Palm Sunday 2017 was a unique and memorable experience. John Fernandes of Johan Holidays was organising an overnight trip to Igatpuri, and I joined this group of around 25 people from various parts of Mumbai

We left Bandra at 7 am on April 8, in an AC bus. Our first stop was at the Infant Jesus Shrine in Nashik where we attended the Eucharistic service. We then proceeded to the Satyagiri Retreat Centre, Igatpuri run by the Dominican Order where we stayed. This large, spotlessly clean Centre is located on a hill.


Honouring Fr. Francis D'Britto of Vasai Diocese

Sir, I refer to the news item in The Examiner dt 15th April 2017 and The Times of India dt 17th April 2017 (See City Lights). telling us about the honour bestowed on Fr. Francis D’Britto of Vasai Diocese when he was invited to address a religious congregation on an esoteric subject at the Hanuman Temple in Worli on the occasional of Ramnavi. We are told that Fr. D’Britto spoke on ‘Asato Maa Satgamay’ the ancient maxim which talks of one’s journey from untruth to eternal truth To be honest such an abstruse subject may be beyond most of us me included. However it is obvious that Fr. D’Britto is held in great awe of his scholarship in the field of Indian philosophy and religious teachings by the description of the audience being “Choc-a-Bloc”I believe many prominent Catholics were present at the conclave.