06 Wow, Pope Francis! - Fr Cedric Prakash sj

posted Mar 15, 2017, 9:55 AM by Neil D'Souza   [ updated Mar 15, 2017, 9:55 AM ]
Wow! Pope Francis! You complete four years as our Pope on March 19. What a simply amazing period it has been for the Church, for the world, for millions of admirers, for the Society, and well, also for me! You have been able to touch all, in such fascinating, yet deeply spiritual ways. You have been instrumental in bringing about the much-needed renewal; you have set the course for a new pilgrimage of trust with God! Your words are inspirational; your deeds are exemplary—motivating us all to do much more.

Wow, Pope Francis! Four years ago when a friend called me from far away, in the middle of the night, to tell me that it was a Jesuit who was elected Pope, my immediate response was "Impossible! A Jesuit cannot become a Pope!" A few minutes later, as I browsed the internet, I realised I was very wrong; above all, I also felt elated! Ever since, the joy of being a Jesuit has only deepened. You do not try to hide the fact that you are a Jesuit. I too take genuine pride (not arrogance!) that a brother Jesuit is the Pope today!

Wow, Pope Francis! Our Jesuit magazine, America, has put out a fantastic video clipping highlighting POPE FRANCIS' TOP TEN MOMENTS to celebrate your fourth anniversary. No one can indeed quarrel with those chosen moments! Personally, I vibe with that selection. But I also have a problem: in these past four years, there are tens of hundreds of "Pope Francis' Moments". Putting the spotlight on just ten must have been a herculean task. However, we need those special moments to remind us what Christianity is all about!

Wow, Pope Francis! From Lampedusa to Lesbos and until today, you have not stopped focusing on the plight of the refugees, the displaced, the migrants, the homeless and the others excluded from society. You have asked the parishes in Europe to take in at least one family. You have set us concrete examples to reinforce your position... Your constant reminder is, "How can we not see the face of the Lord in the face of the millions of exiles, refugees and displaced persons who are fleeing in desperation from the horror of war, persecution and dictatorship?"