Upgrading Infiniband switches for 18c

Hi Everyone. Here we will walk through the procedure to upgrade the infiniband switches to the latest version of the firmware using patchmanager runnning from the first db node. This is the version that comes with 18C on the Exadata on premise QFSDP.

Here we attempt the precheck But it fails due to DNS resolution Issues

Here we use patchmgr to upgrade the infiniband switches to the version that comes with 18c. to successfully accomplish this we need to have ssh equivalence setup for the root user of the infiniband switch.

First we run the precheck command of patchmgr

i.e ./patchmgr -ibswitches -upgrade -ibswitch_precheck

this validates the switch and its firmware and then proceeds to the upgrade check.

you will see that dns must be able to resolve the driving system on the ib hosts. If not either the dns must be amended or an entry added to ibswitch host files. after that the precheck succeeds with a warning that downgrade is only possible partially.

Now we start the actual Upgrade process. As you can see it will do the switches one by one in a rolling fashion In our case it first does ib3 and then ib2

Once the Ib3 switch completes the the upgrade process now starts on ib2 and completes successfully. Note there are some spurious warnings that do not affect the final outcome.

Finally we verify the installation status on both switches