Exadata On Cloud

Exadata Cloud Gen-1

This Exadata is found in OCI-classic data centers around the world

Exadata CS bugs


1. Create a database with same lower case , and delete it and try it creating with upper case cause error ,

but creating a database with uppper case and delete then create with any case it worked , there seems to be a bug with cloud console utility .

2. If the password for cloud account contains ';' at the end and when you are using it in configuring cloud storage,

it will error out,because the commanding is not taking ';'

After successful DB creation service, at some point oratab file was not being updated -

later the script was changed to update the oratab with the new instance

"There is a very simple workaround if you really want to re-create a db with the same name but different case which is to "mv /var/opt/oracle/creg/.ini to /var/opt/oracle/creg/.ini.bak"

The issues were found with the following tools and have all been subsequently fixed.



My Oracle Support Note . 2007530.1

Exadata Cloud Gen-2

This is the modern Gen 2 version of Exadata cloud service

The later versions of Exadata Like X7-2 are available on this service unlike on Gen-1

Exadata Cloud @ Customer

Currently it aligns closer to the Gen-1 version of cloud but that could change in the future


Unlike an on premise Exadata machine an Exadata Cloud machine allows you to burst up and back without having to permanently increase your license burden due to the subscription nature of the service. this results in an optimal load utilization setup.