What is Rugby?
Rugby is an 80 minute game,
Played with 15 positions,
1 hooker,
No protection,
& A full contact sport.
A sport brought to the United States and Americanized by combining soccer and football, rugby is played on a pitch with a ball larger than a football yet smaller in width than a soccer ball. With two opposing teams and one Sir (official), we find a rugby game. After kick off, your job is to work as a team to help the ball make its way to your try zone. By tackling, rucking, scrumming, and utilizing the teams tallest, most aggressive player to win line achieve just that. The team is divided into two separate packs who use wits and each individuals strengths to make an attempt to move the ball. The Backs of a rugby team are the most agile, swift, and speedy players. Their goal is to work in a 45 degree angle passing the ball behind them while moving down the field. The teams Forwards are the thickest of the pack, strongest of the pack, and most usually most aggressive of the pack. A Forwards job during a rugby match is to get the ball out to the Backs. In doing so, Forwards scrum, lift, and ruck with all of their strength. A scrum is a tight bind of 8 girls each with a specific job in order to regain possession of the ball. Locking heads and arms with the opposing 8, the Hooker proceeds to hook the ball into her teams scrum. Once the ball is out, it is picked by the Scrum half and thrown to the Fly half. From this point on, the steps above are constantly repeated for a victorious win.