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*We gladly welcome any returning or new rugby club members at any practice listed below!
*Eastern Women's Rugby is also in need of a volunteer coach for the season and possibly many following. If you are interested please be sure to contact club president KT Elliot: ewuwrugby@gmail.com


Practice Times:

Mondays & Wednesdays:7:00-9:00pm On Intramural Field #2 

 Thank you James for getting our article published for the first time in history!

Check out this link to articles: http://www.easterneronline.com/sports/ewu-women-s-rugby-team-displays-rugged-camaraderie-1.1375458 


Our Club
Spring 2010

Starting as one of the very first women's clubs on Eastern's campus, our Rugby club was something that formed friendships and sisterhood through the love of a sport. In the late 80's EWU women's Rugby was more of a good time for it's members rather than a sport worth competing in. Slowly the club diminished and died off.

During Winter quarter 2008, our re-founding members survived the club and brought it to the booming point of today. Eastern's Rugby club is one of the most popular and well known clubs to join as well as support. 

Fall 2013
We had a great past year, we won the Betterside bash tournament in Montana in the spring.now we have lots of new players looking to enjoy the game. We went and played in a Western Oregon rugby tournament that included many teams.

Winter 2014
 We have out eyes set on a Tournament in Nebraska so we are preparing majorly for that. This includes LOTS of fundraising and games and tournaments in out area to keep us busy. As Banshees we are playing Betterside's rugby club and other teams this quarter.