EV Jeep Wrangler

Can't part with it.....So just take it apart!

Researching the path to a fully functional battery powered Jeep Wrangler. 


1.  Someday finnish planning and start stripping out the ICE (Internal Combustion Engine).


I've been waiting n waiting for the automakers to deliver....it ain't gonna happen.  I was hoping that Jeep would smarten up and market more diesel options (in the NA market) and now that MB has cut them loose, my confidence is all shot to hell.   Before my interest in biodiesel as an alternative fuel, I was heading in the EV direction.  I kept an eye on the progress of companies such as AC Propulsion, Tesla as well as others from 2000 till now, but my frustration with it always came back to the batteries....cost and range. 

EV Links:


Great Jeep Cherokee Conversion  

The EJ 

Preliminary Thoughts: 

  • AC or DC motors....hmmmm this one is the tough one to decide as it impacts the whole project.
  • IAM (Integrated Axle Motors)....6-8 inch motors placed at or near the wheels.
  • LION or LIPO  (lithium ion or lithium polymer).     Peukert's Law
  • Will have regenerative braking. 
  • Auxiliary Biodiesel generator to charge the batteries and/or aid in the propulsion.

Stage Plan:        Project BLOG      Project Photos

  • Stage 1.  Rear IAM.  Replace rear axle with dual drive motor only, remove all other drivetrain components except front axle.  This will require capping the front differential.  Install appropriate lift kit to maintain or increase ground clearence.  Regen capable.  Hard Top replaced with soft top.  Runflat tires.  Maybe a custom camo paint job.
  • Stage 2. Diesel Generator.  May be mounted where the stock spare tire is currently.  Probably 10kw gen with a 18hp direct injection deisel motor.
  • Stage 3. 4WD.  Integrate 2 more motors into the front axle, regen capable.  Full traction control / Rock crawl programming...software will get real fun at this point.
  • Stage 4.  SOLAR Top  Integrate solar generation into a custom made anodized aluminum safari type roof rack.

Potential Donor Vehicle:

  • My 2000 Jeep TJ....will require my effort to part out all of the unused stock parts for sale. 
  • Some other TJ frame.

 My Resources and Capabilities:

  • Electrical Engineer is my Profession....but I'm also mechanically inclined  
  • 110V Mig welder
  • Shoptask 3in1 Quadralift Mill/Lathe/Drill  with home brew CNC capability  http://www.shoptask.com/
  • Live in the SF Bay Area....lots of local resources and parts


  • Money....n....mo money
  • Metal cutting bandsaw