Exeter West Greenwich Senior High School

English Department

There is a temperate zone in the mind, between luxurious indolence and exacting work; and it is to this region, just between laziness and labor, that summer reading belongs.  

~Henry Ward Beecher

We in the English Department of Exeter-West Greenwich Senior High School firmly believe that independent reading is essential to a student’s personal and intellectual growth. Accordingly, throughout the school year we have consistently encouraged reading both inside and outside the classroom.

When pondering summer, many of us think of vacationing, spending time with friends, and enjoying the outdoors. We want you to enjoy these things while participating in something that will make you more successful as a student next year--and a summer reading program has been shown to do just that. Did you know that summer reading can improve: reading ability; writing ability; vocabulary; grammar; test scores; and the enjoyment of reading? All of these skills are vital to your overall success in school and beyond.

Summer is a perfect time to set sail--to chart a new course in your reading life. Where will you go? Who will you meet? What will you learn--about yourself, and others? Summer reading invites you to swim through the pages of a book to discover, to explore, and to grow as a lifelong learner.


For this program, you must read TWO books. Both books must be from the grade-appropriate lists located under the tabs. (Students who will be taking core (non-elective) honors and AP English classes are required to read THREE books; one MUST BE the required honors/ AP title, along with TWO other selections of their choice from the grade list. Honors & AP students will assessed on the required title in their English literature class. Therefore incoming 9th grade honors students will be assessed on their required book at the start of the second semester.)

Located throughout this website are the directions for your summer reading assignments and the rubrics for the required essay and options for projects. Carefully review these assignments before you select your summer reading books.

For one book, you will be writing a formal, well-organized essay with a minimum of three supporting textual citations. Essay prompts can be found by checking the tabs to the left on this page. (You have a choice of FIVE prompts; choose the one that nest suits the work you have selected to write an essay about...) Textual evidence must be cited using MLA format. (If you are unfamiliar with this, check out Purdue University's OWL for specifics.) This essay must be word-processed! In addition it must be submitted to www.turnitin.com by midnight on the first day of school (Tuesday, August 26, 2014).  Directions and a tutorial video are on the school and district’s websites. Late essays can be posted to www.turnitin.com up to and including three school days (Friday, August 29, 2014) after the due date, but they will be subjected to a ten-point-per-day penalty in grade. (Therefore an “A” paper becomes a “D” paper if delivered three days late.)

You have several assessment options for your second reading selection:

  • You will be able to take an AR Quiz (offered before & after school during the 1st two weeks of school) or;

  • You can conduct an on-line discussion with at least one other EWG student who read the same book, or;

  • You can create a book folder showcasing your book, or;

  • You can produce a word and/ or picture collage and explain the choices you made using text (exact quotes/ page numbers) for support.

When choosing a project, decide which choice you like more and suits your book best. More information about each option is given on accompanying pages of this site, along with specific project rubrics. Other than the AR Quiz, all projects must be turned in to your advisor on the first day of school. Late projects will be accepted up to THREE SCHOOL DAYS (Friday, August 29) after the first day of school--and will be subjected to a ten-point-per-day penalty. LATE PROJECTS MUST BE HAND DELIVERED BY THE STUDENT TO MS. SUTTON (Classroom S207 or Department Chair’s office suite--by senior high guidance). Late projects should not be given to your advisor!

Note: You must do summer reading for each core English class in which you are enrolled. That is, if you are taking two (2) English classes because of a previous year’s failure, you are required to complete summer reading assignments--totaling four (4) books--for both classes.

Summer reading is a required activity; we fully expect that you will complete your reading assignments before the first day of school. The scores for your summer reading assignments will account for ten percent (10%) of your first marking period grade in your core English literature class.

The summer reading books are widely available in local libraries, at internet-based bookstores (www.amazon.com, for example), and at area bookstores. Annotated summer reading lists are attached to this letter and will be available in the Senior High office, the Guidance office, the Superintendent’s office, and the High School’s and District’s websites.

Should you have questions, or require additional information, please contact Sharon Sutton, the English Department Chairperson at 397-6893 (220) or sharon_sutton@ewg.k12.ri.us.

With Best Wishes for Happy Reading,

The EWG Senior High English Faculty


To Complete EWGHS’s Summer Reading Program, you must read two (2) books from the list for the grade you will be entering.
  • You will write an essay for one selection
    • You MUST include at least three (3) quotes from your book in your essay
    • Your essay MUST address ONE of the grade-specific prompts (found on the annotated book lists)
    • Your final essay must include a Works Cited page
    • This MUST be posted to www.turnitin.com
    • This is due on or before the first day of school
  • You have several options for assessment of your second reading selection:
    • Take an AR quiz during the first two weeks of school, or;
    • Conduct an on-line chat with someone who’s read the same book, then complete the project;
    • Or, create a book folder;
    • Or, create a word/ picture collage