Aspen X2 Tutorials

This page is designed with faculty in mind.  These video tutorials will show you how to:
  • NEW! Extra Credit Options
  • Access Aspen with your login (check EWG email).
  • Change your password
  • Set up general preferences
  • Set up seating charts and take attendance
  • Set up your gradebook for categories, points, or some hybrid combination thereof
  • A list of Aspen Comment Codes may be found here.
  • Aspen X2 grading shortcuts (exempt, cheating, etc.)
  • How to drop lowest score in a category.
  • How to view student IEPs
  • Exporting grades
  • Making course recommendations

Course Recommendations

Exporting End of Semester Grades

Exporting Grades to the Office

Aspen Rounding Error Workaround


Make Grades Visible to Parents

Finding Assignments and Entering Scores

AspenX2-Intro-Logon & Preferences

Aspen- Seating Charts & Attendance

Gradebook: Getting Started


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