Welcome to EWG i-Parent!

i-Parent is a quick and convenient way to monitor your student’s progress by using the Internet.  For more detailed information, please check out the iParent Parent Guide

Only one parent will receive the initial logon. Once you go onto the i-Parent website, you will set up your own username and password. You may not want to share this with anyone as it is private information. If you have any questions, please send us an email at iparent@ewg.k12.ri.us. Be sure to include the parent name that has the official logon, your student’s name, and a description of the problem.

Creating an i-Parent Account (accessing i-Parent for the first time):

1. Type in the i-Parent web address that is located in the middle of the reverse side (include the https://) OR go to www.ewg.k12.ri.us and click on the i-Parent link.

2. Choose the "I haven’t registered yet" link at the bottom.

3. On this screen, enter the first and last name of the parent whose name appears on the reverse.

4. For District Number, enter: 3097

5. Your i-Parent Access Key is the long set of symbols that follows Access Key: Enter it exactly as printed with no spaces. It may be helpful to put your CAPS LOCK key on. Pay special attention to the [brackets] and {braces }. Press CONTINUE.

6. On this screen, enter the birth date of your oldest child currently enrolled in the Jr/Sr high school.

7. Create your own user name. It must be at least 6 characters.

8. Create your password – read the requirements as to length and use of numbers.

9. Select three password hint questions and provide answers.

10. Press the LOG IN button to complete the registration and to enter i-Parent.

Using i-Parent (after you have set up your account)

1. In your Internet browser, type in www.ewg.k12.ri.us and click on the i-Parent link.

2. At the Login screen, enter District Number (3097), your user name, and your password. Click LOG IN.

3. In the upper right, select the student name to view.

4. Your student’s daily schedule will be displayed. At the left will be Grades:

Grades will be published by the teachers participating in the pilot (listed on the reverse) and will be updated every three weeks.

5. The other four choices are:

a) Change Password – allows you to change your password

b) Select a Student – returns you to the original and allows you to select another child at the Jr/Sr high school.


After you create your USER NAME and PASSWORD --- Write them down!! It is important that you remember these for the next several years! Exeter West Greenwich Regional School District http://www.ewg.k12.ri.us