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Marxism & Modernity - Schedule

Wk          Topic                                Reading                                                                     Supplements

  1General Intro                                

Marx on religion
Stanford Encyclopedia.
article on Marx

Marx, Critique of Hegel's Philosophy of Right
Randy Newman, "The world isn't fair"
  2Work and AlienationBBC podcast on alienation

J. Wolff on Marx & Alienation (14 min podcast)

Thomas Hood, Song of the Shirt

Philip Larkin Toads

The Beatles, A Hard Day's Night

Bruce Springstein, Factory

Amabile, "Do happier people work harder?"

RSA Animate on what motivates people at work

  3 Instability and change Marx & Engels, The Communist Manifesto

Illustraions for The Communist Manifesto

Marx, Preface to a contribution to a critique of political economy

Berman, All that is solid melts into air (photocopy)
 Dylan, The times they are a changin'

Dylan, North Country Blues

R. Crumb: A Short History of America

The Sorcerer's Apprentice

  4 The free market Marx, Wage Labour & Capital

 Tressell", The Great Money Trick"

D. Harvey, "Crisis of Capitalism (10 minute RSA Animate lecture)

  5 Private property & 

 Schor, "The new politics of consumption"

Surowiecki, "Technology & happiness"

 The Story of Stuff (20 min video)

  6 Ideology & power
Baudrillard,  "The art auction"

 D. Kellner, Stanford Encyclopedia article on Baudrillard

  7Alternatives to capitalism? Marx, Critique of the Gotha Program (only  Part One is required)

Rorty, "Failed prophecies, glorious hopes" (photocopy)

Interview with Slavoj Zizek (2008)

Interview with Slavoj Zizek (2009)

 R. Boynton, "Enjoy your Zizek"  (readable portrait and overview)
Zizek in 10 minute documentary ('Examined Life' series) 

Slavoj Zizek, "First as Tragedy, Then as Farce" (10 minute RSA Animte lecture)

Lennon, Imagine  (lyrics)

"When the ship come in" (Dylan song covered by The Hollies)