WDA and Sections

The EWDA is one of the sections of the Wildlife Disease Association (WDA).

In March 1951, a group of 28 U.S. and Canadian scientists interested in wildlife diseases founded an organization called the Wildlife Disease Committee. The rest, as they say, is history - eventually becoming what we know as the Wildlife Disease Association in 1952.
Today, the WDA is an international scientific society of wildlife professionals, veterinarians, epidemiologists, biologists, ecologists, research scientists and other individuals involved with wildlife diseases and related disciplines, promoting research, management, education, communication, consultation and collaboration. The WDA sponsors an annual scientific conference and publishes the Journal of Wildlife Diseases.

There are other sections of the WDA, namely:
Australasian section

 website Chaired by Andrew Peters  
Nordic section   website Chaired by Aleksija Neimanes
Wildlife Veterinarian
 website Chaired by Anne-Justice Allen
Latinamerican section  website Chaired by Ezequiel Hidalgo
 Africa and Mideast section  Thomas Nyariki 

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For the geographic sections, membership is determined by your address and email location in the WDA membership directory. Thus, if you become a member of the WDA and you live in Europe, you automatically belong to the EWDA. For the Wildlife Veterinaran section, members with those interests may join, but no one is automatically assigned to it.

Currently, WDA provides a $15.00 rebate to each Section for all classes of membership. These funds can be used for the benefit of its members and in support  of Section activities.

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