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The University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee student chapter of Engineers Without Borders (EWB@UWM) works in coordination with EWB-USA, a non-profit humanitarian organization established to improve the quality of life in developing communities.The UWM chapter of Engineers Without Borders aims to combine sustainable engineering with a passion for human life. Our humanitarian work brings running water to impoverished villages in the Quiche region of Guatemala. We have chosen to volunteer our time in these projects because water is an essential part of life. We believe that everyone has a right to access our planet's most valuable resource. EWB at UWM also aims to improve the sustainable use of energy in Wisconsin. Through local design projects we strive to bring new concepts to areas around our university or businesses who have an interest in our work. These sustainable engineering projects train us students to be socially responsible engineers and global citizens. 

This Week's Events/Announcements

No meetings this week, April 13-17 2015

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