If any question isn't answered, feel free to email us at ewbucla@gmail.com.

How do I join EWB-UCLA?
If you are interested in joining EWB-UCLA, just come to our meetings! Everyone is welcomed!

When and where are general meetings held?
General meetings are held every Tuesday at 6:15 pm (during the school year) in Engineering IV 38-138.

I can't make it to the meetings, but I want to be involved! What do I do?

Email us! We are extremely flexible, and love to discuss how we can let you participate in our activities!

I'm interested in your club, but I'm not an engineering major. Can I still join?
Definitely! Our club is not exclusively open for engineers only, but to everyone. There are many things that doesn't require an engineering curricula.

What are the costs for traveling?
Every project has their own estimated cost for traveling, but fundraisers and grants do help to reduce this amount. Check with your project leader for more information.

How are traveling teams decided?
Project leaders have the primary decision in this matter, and this is usually determined by the work ethic that a member has shown throughout the year.

My club is extremely interested in collaborating with EWB on a project. How do I go about contacting EWB?
Email us! That is the best way of contacting us for anything. You can also try coming to our general meeting to talk to the president.

Is EWB-UCLA tax-deductible if I want to make a donation?
Yes! EWB-UCLA is tax-deductible, in fact we are also a non-profit organization. If you would like to make a donation, refer to our donate link at the top of this page.