Haiti Hydroelectric Project in Duchity

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With 7,000 people in the village, 3-4,000 in the surrounding area and another 1,000 finding refuge post earthquake, Duchity’s schools, medical and dental clinics, water systems serve up approximately 11,000 men, women and children.

The Naperville Sunrise Rotary Club and the Rotary Metro Club of New York along with ADIHA (Association Des Ingenieurs Haitian & American) and as consults (but not as a sanctioned project) Engineers Without Borders New York Professional Chapter have combined their talents, time and treasures to design, build, and commission a 40kW Hydroelectric Plant in cooperation with the community to provide power for the two clinics, schools, street lighting and new enterprises that will arise thanks to the availability of electricity.

Kids at school     On the way to market

Located on the Tiburon Peninsula on the main road between Les Cayes and Jeremie, Duchity is a hub in this mountainous region for commerce, processing and transporting agricultural products, medical services, higher education, and communication with the rest of Haiti.

Haiti map     Tiburon peninsula map

Along with poverty come diseases rarely found in the developed world – cholera, intestinal worms, persistent gastro-intestinal ailments, plus occupational accidents and malnutrition require medical treatment. Appropriate medical care is fundamental to getting people out of poverty.

New Medical Center  Dental office

The Naperville Sunrise Rotary Club has been working for 10 years in Duchity, building schools, churches, the medical clinic, and assisting in health issues such as education in cleanliness, sanitation and nutrition.  Instrumental to its success has been working with dedicated partners such as Youth Haiti (youthaiti.org) with the inescapable energy of Nurse Gigi Pomerantz.  Check out her blog of the July and October 2011 trips.

Hyrdoelectric concept drawing

Other factors, in addition to medical care, to relieving poverty are shelter, clean water & proper sanitation, adequate nutrition, education, and light after dark.  The 40KW Hydroelectric Plant and the enthusiastic participation of the village will deliver on three of those six key necessities.

Training locals

Beyond the basics, the project emphasizes training locals in construction techniques, repair and maintenance of the power system and the distribution grid, and health & safety precautions.  With electricity comes new opportunities for enterprise, and on the next trip we will begin scouting for an NGO to help the villagers develop those future businesses.