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Goals & Objectives


The specific objectives and purpose of EWB-SL are but not limited to

·        Establishing a self-sustaining non-governmental, non-profit organization that will bring a growing resource of engineering talent to assist developing communities with their fundamental engineering needs, enterprise endeavors and community development

·        Create a system for empowering developing communities to respond to man made disasters and to initiate sustainable projects that will improve the quality of life for current and future generations

·        Develop and implement criteria that will help screen and improve the impact of locally initiated projects and the ability of the organization and its joint venture partners to replicate its project easily and inexpensively

·        Design, test and disseminate models for mobilizing engineering resources through affiliates such as college, student and professional chapters that will respond quickly and effectively to projects developed through the organization’s systems

·        Involve university students, as appropriate, at every step of the organization’s process, empowering them to take an active role in the organization, and maximize their involvement in the organization’s project

·        Enable students and youths at grass root communities to learn more about the application of sustainable engineering solutions to the problems of the developing world and the communities where they live

·        Facilitate human development through engineering.

  • Foster engineering education and training