Program 2011

The 2011 E-waste Summer School takes place from 11th September 2011 - 22nd September 2011 in Eindhoven, Antwerp and Davos.

The program consists of a mix of expert faculty lectures, panel discussions, student presentations, discussions, workshops, study tours and intensive group work. 

The students will come from all continents to discuss the most pressing issues and recent findings pertaining to the management of end-of-life electrical and electronic equipment (e-waste)

More particularly, and following this year's theme (Closing resource loops - Complexities and solutions in managing e-waste), the students will explore the political, social, technological and economic complexities involved in e-waste management. 

The students' group work will focus on one particular complexity issue, namely, on the necessity to optimize the recovery of critical minerals and metals from e-waste.  

Again, as in 2009, this year's Summer School includes a participation in the World Resource Forum where the students will present the output of their group work to prominent stakeholders. 

 Sunday, Sept. 11th Introductions and Welcome Dinner

 Monday, Sept. 12th
 Expert Lectures and Student Presentations
 Tuesday, Sept. 13th  Expert Lectures, Student Presentations and  
 Dismantling Workshop
 Wednesday, Sept. 14th Student Presentations, Study tour to Flection
 Refurbishing, and Transfer to Antwerp

 Thursday, Sept. 15th Study tour to Umicore, Expert Lectures and
 Group Work

 Friday, Sept. 16th Student presentations, Expert Lectures and
 Group Work

 Saturday, Sept. 17th Visit of MAS Museum and Group Work

 Sunday, Sept. 18th Transfer to Davos

 Monday, Sept. 19th to  
 Wednesday, Sept. 21st
 Attendance and Presentation at the World  
 Resources Forum
 Thursday, Sept. 22nd SWICO day in Zürich and Return Transfer to