Students 2009


Mostaem Billah

Memorial University of Newfoundland

"Salvaging and Recycling of E-waste in Bangladesh"

Email: billah_geo/at/

Hiromi Inagaki

United National Environmental Programme Regional Resource Centre for Asia and the Pacific

"Reconciliation without the suffered? Economic benefits and environmental health costs in the computer waste recycling chain, Delhi"

Email: hiroiina/at/

Ramzy Kahhat

Arizona State University

"Multi-Criteria Assessment of E-Waste Management Systems in the United States: A Case Study of Personal Computers

Email: ramzy.kahhat/at/

Freyja Knapp

University of California, Berkley

"The Why of Where: Explaining the flow and distribution of electronic wastes"

Email: freyja/at/

Carl Lam

University of California, Davis

"Environmental Impact and Risk Evaluation of the Printed Circuit Board Industry in the United States"

Email: cwlam/at/

Mary Lawhon

Clark University

"Electronic Waste Recycling in South Africa: Transition Management in Practice?

Email: mlawhon/at/ 

Stephanie Leclerc

HEC Montreal

"Managing Canadian E-Waste  Strong industry initiative contributes to the spread of best practices"

Email: stephaniehleclerc/at/ 

Bin Lu

Chinese Academy of Sciences, Beijing

"Eco-efficiency analysis of End-of-Life (EoL) strategies of E-waste in China"

Email: koulvpin/at/ 
Hazel Hughes

Cardiff University

Recasting the WEEE Directive – a welcome proposal?

Email: nashha/at/


Panate Manomaivibool

International Institute for Industrial Environmental Economics at Lund University

"Country Report: Thai WEEE and its proposal"

Email: panate.manomaivibool/at/ 

Innocent Nnorom

University of Ibadan, Nigeria

"Dumping of used electronics in Nigeria: the environmental implications of informal material recovery from un-usable WEEE components"

Email: chidiabsu/at/ 

Kehinde Olubanjo

University of Ibadan, Nigeria

"Comparison of  Lead and Copper Concentration in Different Parts of Computer Electronic Waste"

Email: kolubanjo/at/ 

Fauziah Rochman

Yale University

"The Recovery of Electronic Waste in Yogyakarta, Indonesia: Potentials and Limitations"

Email: fauziah.rochman/at/ 

Djahane Salehabadi

Cornell University

"Second-hand Technologies or E-waste? The composition of Germany's Progressive Environmental Legislation"

Email: dbs35/at/ 

Feng Wang

Delft University of Technology

"Framework for developing formal e-waste recycling in China"

Email: fwang/at/ 

Henning Wilts

Wuppertal Institut für Klima, Umwelt, Energie GmbH

"Covenants for an international system of sustainable resource management"

Email: henningwi/at/ 

Luciana Yamane

Polytechnic School of University of Sao Paolo

"Characterization of Printed Circuit Board of Scrap Computer by Mechanical Processing"

Email: lucianayamane/at/