Recommended Readings 2011

Dear Summer School Participants, please consult the following readings in preparation for the summer school and in preparation for your group work. 
Going over the abstracts or executive summaries will be useful, but please feel free to read these documents in depth if you have the time, and interest. The readings have been classified under three main topics: 
1) Group Work Preparations
The following reference documents will be very useful for the groupwork, so please do spend some time on these:
- UK Sustainable Development Commission's "You are what you sell" report: 
- RESOLVE Report "Tracing a path forward"  
- Global Ecolabel Monitor Report:

2) Policy and Legislative Complexities
These documents are interesting reports to provide a broader perspective on policy and legislative complexities of e-waste and closing resource loops.
- Öko Institute's Study on Rare Earths and their Recycling:
- U.S. Department of Energy's Critical Materials Strategy:
- European Parliament, Draft Report on an Effective Raw Material Strategy for Europe:

3) Technological Complexities  (see below)
These documents provide an introduction to some of the technical and technological complexities pertaining to e-waste management and the role of recycling in closing resource loops. 
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