Application Details

Admission Requirements
The Summer School is open to doctoral students and final year master students as well as post-doctoral early-career researchers currently working on e-waste related topics. Researchers must be associated to a university or scientific institution and possess a good knowledge of English.

Applicants should submit:
• A completed application form -
Download form
• A CV including list of publications, presentations at
conferences etc.
• A research paper of 3-5 pages (excluding references) -
Download template

Deadline for applications is 1 May 2011.
Please note that by participating in the Summer School, you consent to your paper being published in a final research compilation.

We are especially interested in interdisciplinary research on e-waste, looking at the issue from a holistic perspective.
Papers from researchers in developing and
emerging economies and / or exploring the challenges and solutions of e-waste management in these countries are particularly encouraged to apply.
Topic areas include, but are not limited to:
• International/ country specific legislation
• Financing models for e-waste disposal
• Producer responsibility
• Life Cycle Analysis (LCA)/ Material Flow Analysis (MFA)
• Design for Re-use and Recycling (DfR) / Eco-design
• Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)
• Take-back and collection system models
• Reverse logistics
• Consumer recycling / disposal behaviour
• Re-use and recycling of e-waste
• Formal and informal sectors in e-waste management
• Material recovery and disposal technologies
• Modelling and forecasting product and waste trends
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