Utilizing the Bike Team

The EMA Bike Team can assist your group or organization's event by providing first line emergency medical response, general non enforcement security, and act as event advocates on bahalf of your agency.

In particular, we cover outdoor events such walks, runs, triathalons, or events covering small to large geographical areas. However, you are welcome to request coverage for indoor events, and events that are small in size.

For landmanagers: The EMA Bike Team is a member of the International Mountain Bike Association, National Mountain Bike Patrol. If you would like us to work with you to develop land usage for Mountain Biking, BMX, Road, and shared trail usage please contact us!

All enquiries regarding event coverage are dependent on Team availibility, manpower, and ALL REQUESTS ARE SUBJECT TO APPROVAL FROM THE EVANSVILLE VANDERBURGH EMERGENCY MANAGEMENT AGENCY. 

Minimum 2 week notice of event is preferable.   

To request event coverage please email: evvemabike@gmail.com 

or call Kyle Kirkman at 812-204-0551

please include the following:

Your Name:

Contact Information:

Your Organization:

Event Type/ Event Geographical Size:

Event Location:

Event Date(s):

Event Duration:

Number of Attending Persons:

What capacity we can assist you in?:

Any additional queries/notifications:


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Utilizing the Bike Team

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