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The Evansville Vanderburgh EMA Bike Team uses two initial training bases, one through the International Mountain Bike Association (IPMBA), and the other through the International Mountain Bike Assication's National Mountain Bike Patrol (NMBP) .

IPMBA curriculum emphasises riding basics, road riding, ruban emergency medical response, and strategy/tactics pertaining to urban patrol techniques. Safety, job performance, and efficiency are at the root of this training program. EMS personnel on bikes can frequently respond more quickly than those in motor vehicles, especially in congested urban areas and in crowds. They are also effective in search-and-rescue operations, such as those resulting from natural disasters. Students learn basic and emergency bike-handling skills, riding single and in pairs under various traffic conditions, ways to effectively and safely pack equipment, techniques designed to safely handle EMS scenes, and personal safety techniques.  The course is a minimum of 32 hrs and testing is in both written format and on-bike.  Please note that taking the EMA Bike Team training, which parallels IPMBA's EMS course, does not certify one as an IPMBA Public Safety Cyclist. Individuals seeking Official IPMBA EMS Cyclist Certification should visit and view the training section for upcoming classes.   

NMBP Patroller certification is geared towards the off road environment, but does not teach on bike, off road skills.  The program's mission is to maintain and promote trail opportunities for the sport of mountain biking through the promotion, education and support of local mountain bike patrol groups.  Patrols provide an on-trail presence of trained cyclists who inform, assist and educate mountain bikers and other trail users, and can provide assistance for those needing medical attention and mechanical assistance. NMBP affiliation allows the team greater latitude in attracting the experience and expertise of the non medical professional, mountain biking community who are interested in public service.

All members of the bike team are required to have at a minimum, CPR and First Aid certifications.  Our practicing clinicians have certifications and experience in the following: 

  • Emergency Medical Technician- Basic, Advanced, Intermediate, and Paramedic.

Additional training requirements must be obtained within one year of joining the team. Additional training requirements are as follows:

SKYWARN Certified (Basic and Advanaced)

NIMS (National Incident Management System)

  • IS 100 Introduction to Incident Command System
  • IS 200 ICS for Single Resources and Initial Action Incidents
  • IS 700 National Incident Management System (NIMS) an Introduction 


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