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Scales Lake, Boonville, IN   (Warrick County)                                 

Harmonie State Park MTB Trails   

Angel Mounds Trails

University of Southern Indiana Trails

Linton Conservation Club (Also called the Lee Sherrard Park)

Valley Branch Retreat (Brown County)

Wapehani MTB Park

Brown County State Park

Gnaw Bone Camp


MTB Trails @ Owen-Putnam State Forest

Versailles State Park

Highland Park MTB Trails Jeffersonville, IN.

The following trails are located within the boundaries of the Hoosier National Forest. Trail Permits are REQUIRED to ride these trails. See the below link for additional information, including maps, directions, trail milage, and trail details.

Birdseye Trail Skill/Aerobic Level: easy; flat to rolling, very little technical riding except for a few steep climbs.

German Ridge Skill/Aerobic Level: easy to moderate; much of the trail has been widened and flattened to better accommodate horses. Some good singletrack exists at the north end.

Hardin Ridge  In the campground area the trail is single lane and relatively flat. One end of the trail drops off to Lake Monroe and is very steep. The trail crosses the paved campground road in several places so watch for traffic.  This trail is not subject to the trail permit requirement.

Hickory Ridge Skill/Aerobic Level: easy (if you stay on the ridges) to difficult (if you head for the ravines). A combination of narrow and wide trails. Considerable horse use near the parking area, fewer horse impacts as you move further out.

Nebo Ridge Skill/Aerobic Level: moderate, with lots of short climbs. A roller coaster singletrack trip through the woods. May be most popular MTB (Mountain Bike) trail in the state.

Lick Creek Skill/Aerobic Level: easy to moderate. An excellent beginner's trail, Lick Creek offers a few "whoops", some narrow singletrack, and a short rock garden mixed in with easy sections.

Morgan Ridge

Morgan Ridge West Skill/Aerobic Level: moderate, with a few tough climbs. Some fairly technical singletrack sections. Counter-clockwise offers best descents. Two sections of singletrack with gravel road in between.

Oriole Trail

Oriole East Trail Skill/Aerobic Level: moderate, with a few tough climbs. Recommend riding the trail counterclockwise and including the east end loop.

Oriole West Trail Skill/Aerobic Level: moderate; some technical sections; attention required on descents and climbs. Go counter-clockwise for a fast, "whoop-filled" descent that leads into a technical single-track. Scenic creek bottom section. Contains some wide, gravel-covered stretches.

Shirley Creek East/West Loop Skill/Aerobic Level: moderate to high on the hills and in the streambeds, easy elsewhere. Loops within loops yield many options. Lots of hilly, technical singletrack. Fun, but demanding.

Tipsaw Lake Skill/Aerobic Level: easy; mostly flat, a couple moderate climbs, some rocky parts. Beginners get real mountain biking here -- rocky sections, shallow ravines, climbs -- without being overwhelmed. Fun for intermediate riders, too. Lake, picnic areas and camping.

Youngs Creek Skill Level: moderate to high, with several challenging climbs and technical singletrack. Perhaps the most demanding trail in the Hoosier, yet is 90 percent ridable, 90 percent fun. Clock-wise is a little more enjoyable. Either direction has tough climbs, mudholes, sticker bushes and rocks.


Kickapoo State Park

War Bluff

High Knob

One Horse Gap

Williams Hill

Palestine Church


Eagle Mountain

Camp Ondessonk


Grapevine Lake   Madisonville, Ky.

Macedonia Trails  Dawson Springs, Ky.

Canal Loop Trail

North South Trail

Energy Lake Loop



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