General Bicycle Mobile Operations

Public Safety, Urban Response

Bicycle mobile units have increased in popularity within the police, fire/EMS, hospital systems, and wilderness search and rescue communities due to their operational successes. These units were first employed through police departments with reported greater arrest and crime prevention rates than could be attained with foot patrols. By the middle 1990's an estimated 10,000 trained police bike patrol members were actively employed. Police successes with bicycle operation prompted other public safety and rescue services to consider the viability of bike mobile operations within their own communities. Emergency Medical Service entities did find use for bicycle mobile units, first within larger municipalities where congested areas made it difficult to provide quick initial response times, and secondarily in smaller communities bike mobile proved useful at street festivals, parades, concerts, and other special events. Bicycle mobile operations scope has expanded significantly since its inception and is used on an international level in city and county fire/EMS departments, towns, villages, military installations, college/universities, hospital-based EMS, and search and rescue teams. The following are current uses for bike mobile EMS:

·Special events

·Rapid response in wilderness and rugged areas

·Daily patrol in congested areas, such as downtowns and tourist areas

·Patrol of airports, train stations, subways, tunnels and depots

·Urban and wilderness search and rescue teams

·Amusement parks and sporting arenas

·Patrol of college/university campuses

·Disaster response

·Mass casualty incidents over a large geographic area

·Public safety education

·Public relations campaigns


EMA Bike Team Operational Scope

The Vanderburgh County Emergency Management Agency Bike Team will have the following operational objectives:

  • Medical First Response, non transport.
  • Coverage of area walks, runs, and street festivals.
  • Assist host agencies with dissemination of event information to the attending public.
  • Provide rapid emergency response at area events in a non traditional, noticeable, effective manner. 
  • Assistance in FEMA/Department of Homeland Security disaster response for declared emergencies (Hurricanes, Earthquakes). 
  • Assist Vanderburgh EMA with Damage Assessments and after incident reports.
  • Assist in SAR operations.
  • Develop Bike Mobile Operation models for usage by other agencies.
  • Support and assist in the development and maintanence of area bike routes and mountain bike trails, by collaberation with the Hoosier Mountain Bike Association and other high profile advocacy groups.
  • Act as the eyes and ears for Land Managers and city/county municipalities, by actively patrolling both urban/off road environments and reporting signifigant findings/issues to the appropriate agencies.   
  • Create collaborative partnerships with area organizations and groups such as Bike Club's, Social Well Being and Advocacy Groups, Public Safety Bike Teams and others to create an even greater bike friendly community.
  • Assist area organizations with  programs such as “Bike Rodeos” and exercises to promote bike safety, and improve riding skills. 
  • Educate the general public of proper fitting of bicycles and riding mechanics.


Online Video’s Relating to Bicycles and Emergency Response

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London, Police, Ambulance Video about Bike Mobile Response


Bicycle Mobile Operations, Off Road, National Mountain Bike Patrol

 IMBA's National Mountain Bike Patrol program organizes and supports more than 60 volunteer bike patrol groups throughout the United States and the world.

The NMBP consists of dedicated volunteers partnering with land mangers, land owners and emergency personnel, to assist, educate and inform all trail users in order to enhance their recreational experience.

  • Assist in medical and mechanical emergencies
  • Educate trail users of proper etiquette
  • Inform land managers, owners and trail users of trail Conditions through monitoring efforts

IMBA/NMBP Patrol Program Video's


Examples of Policing by Bicycle

"Wheels For Justice"

“Bike Patrols: An Underutilized Resource”

Bicycle Police Training Videos

Police "What Not to Do on a Bike" Video 

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