CNC 1800 Range

The Evtec’s advanced CNC Router 1800 Series, uses the latest advanced technology to give a high degree of accuracy and flexibility at a very competitive price.


This British-built machine is manufactured from high quality, off the shelf components, giving you peace of mind that not only will you get a superior router, but one that is easily and cost-effectively maintained.  The CNC 1800 Router has been developed over the past 4 years and has a wide range of satisfied customers throughout the country each benefiting from the all round capabilities of this remarkable machine.
Built with the demanding requirements of its customers in mind, the CNC 1800 Router uses caged ball linear profile bearings to give ultra smooth and quiet movement, while fully digital servo drives, coupled to brushless servo motors, allow high precision, continuous movement on all 3 axes and an excellent quality finish.

CNC control is based around an industrial PC, using Windows XP technology, giving a familiar and user friendly way to use the machine.  The CNC itself can display all aspects of the machine operation and also allows easy and quick input and editing of programmes. All programmes are generated in

ISO-G Code format which can be programmed in using an external keyboard, or can be generated by third parties using industry standard Cad Cam packages such as Scanvec, Delcam and Signlab.

The CNC has the ability to generate macros for more advanced applications.


To see the full range of specifications please view or download our brochure below or feel free to contact us!


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