Week DateLab/Lecture or Field Activity Readings Assigned Work
 1 January 8th or 10th Introduction to the course and Ecological Restoration Watts and Halliwell,1996 -Chapter 1; Montoyo et al., 2012 Take online "EVSC Water Perspectives" Survey;
Annotated Bibliography assignment handed out; Ecological Restoration Post-Project Appraisal (PPA) assignment handed out
 2 January 15th or 17th Sampling Watts and Halliwell,1996 -Chapter 2 
 3     January 22nd or 24th Dissecting a Social    Survey Watts and Halliwell,1996 -Chapter 9 
 4 January 29th or January 31st SPSS Watts and Halliwell,1996 -Chapter 3 SPSS assignment handed out; Safety Conduct Form and Personal Data Sheet due via email to TA
 5 February 5th or 7thStream Survey Watts and Halliwell,1996 -Chapter 4; Streamkeepers Handbook Module 1 
 6 February 19th or 21st Advanced Stream Survey Methods
 Streamkeepers Handbook Module 2 SPSS assignment due in class; Topic selection cleared with TA for Annotated Bibliography; Ecological Restoration PPA group and topic selection to TA
 7 February 26th or 28thWater Quality Watts and Halliwell,1996 -Chapter 5 3 articles cleared with TA for Annotated Bibliography
 8 March 5th or 7th Water Quality Watts and Halliwell,1996 -Chapter 7; Streamkeepers Handbook Module 3 
 9 March 12th or 14th Stream Invertebrates Watts and Halliwell,1996 -Chapter 8; Streamleepers Handbook Module 4 Annotated Bibliography assignment due in class 
 10 March 19th or 21st
 Forest and Vegetation  Assessment Field Manual for Describing Terrestrial Ecosystems -Chapter 3 Vegetation and Chapter 4 Mensuration

 11 March 26th  or 28th PPA presentations  Ecological Restoration PPA (Final Project) Proposal due in class
 12 April 2nd or 4th PPA Work  
 13 April 9th or 11th PPA Work
  Ecological Restoration PPA and Field Notebooks due April 22nd @ noon

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