About EvoSkates

Evo Skates are "Designed for Athletes". Most importantly, Evo is Covering short track, long track, and inline skating as well as its parts & accessories. Evo Skates have extensive experience in product design, manufacturing, and practical hands-on skating involvement.

When the quality and innovation matter, Evo Skates is committed to developing the best products through constant testing and innovation. Only premium materials, the highest quality manufacturing processes and advanced designs are implemented. Evo Skates strives to provide the best products through collaboration with athletes and coaches.


About Evo Skates India

The fundamental objectives of Evo Skates in India are to provide the superior equipments to the athletes. Further, by providing the superior & highly proficient equipments Evo Skates India wants to support & assist every athlete from their basic performances to the world class performances. However, Evo Skates in India is here to ensure the maximum benefit of Evo’s equipments for the maximum enjoyments & performances of all athletes.

For more details please contact us email: evoskatessindia@gmail.com

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