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The Internet, in theory, should be a democratic system so that it is a level playing field. For the humanitarian ethicist however this is not the best scenario for the evolution of consciousness and RESPECT FOR LIFE. Capitalism, as a corollary to prostitution, is profit centric even to the point of selling education.
In the selling of education, the level playing field of the internet and life in general has been destroyed.
Link farms, made to create a ranking advantage, if done carefully, using no duplicate content and informative well built pages, still has some opportunity even with algorithms evolving. It well may be that, as a general statement, the algorithms and their authors are painted into a corner and the Fortune 500 companies don't want their ranking trashed by panic moves of search companies.

As is the case of elections, we normally don't want the election system rigged. What few people realize is ..... do we even need a government in which elections are a supposed necessity? In the case of searching the internet, one has the opportunity to become extremely conscious before one begins the search intention.

Robert Ray Hedges is a Destinial Engineer specializing in childrens internet Immortality education and internet education rights and has evolved his teachable free search engine results manipulation technology specifically to empower young people, internationally, at a critical time in human destiny.