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Denise Pia Pg(Dip), MBACP (accred).  Face to Face and Online Counselling and Psychotherapy


The Psychology with a Soul

Welcome to Vita Counselling and Psychotherapy London

I imagine that you are reading this as you are considering counselling and would like to know if I am the right therapist for you. Perhaps you are feeling overwhelmed, or finding it difficult to meet the demands that life is placing on you. Maybe you feel like you are trying to survive without sufficient support.  

If you would like a  place to take some time to explore your beliefs, behaviours, thoughts and feelings, or have a clearer understanding of your meaning and purpose then please continue reading to see how I can help you. 

Counselling and psychotherapy provides you with a safe, confidential and supportive space to explore what is troubling you and many people seek counselling at different times of their life, particularly, when there is distress, depression,  anxiety, or confusion. Sometimes we all need extra help and support through times of transition and change, or when fear is holding us back and we are unable to reach a place of choice. You may want to have a greater awareness of yourself and your relationships, in order to understand how you are being and relating in the world, to be able to love and be loved. You may be looking for a stronger sense of direction to live a more fulfilled, authentic life. Therapy is all about growth and change, leaving behind old patterns that no longer serve you.

At some level you will know what you need to do to heal and in many ways, counselling is like a journey where you discover more about yourself. My aim is to support you by listening in a focused, non judgemental and purposeful way. 

The counselling and psychotherapy that I offer is Psychosynthesis, which is a sensitive, powerful, depth therapy that takes a holistic approach, recognising the roles of mind, body, feelings and spirituality in the process of personal growth.

Vita means Life                                                                                                                                                  - Denise Pia