Workshop at Evolution Conference

The SSE Diverse Careers Committee hosted its first workshop at Evolution 2016 (June 24) in the Austin Convention Center with 60 trainees enrolled, and its second at Evolution 2017 (June 23) in the Portland, Oregon, Convention Center with 70 enrolled. Several components were video recorded and are linked on the right of this page. One of the most popular parts in both workshops, the "career roundtables" discussions, was not recorded since it was conducted in small groups.


Based on pre- and post-workshop surveys, trainee participants showed highly significant increases in confidence of overall job prospects post-PhD, preparedness for a career beyond being a tenure-track professor at a research university, and awareness of career options beyond being a tenure-track professor at a research university. 

(All statistics done using Wilcoxon sign-rank test, N=32 paired comparisons, p<<0.001)

For 2016: on a scale of 1-5, where 1 is strongly disagree, 3 is neutral, and 5 is strongly agree, anonymous attendees reported in a separate survey that:
  • The workshop met their expectations (post mean = 4.2)
  • They learned techniques and strategies that they intend to use (post mean = 4.0)
  • They would recommend the workshop to other trainees (post mean = 4.4)
For 2017: significant changes were also observed in the expected directions: 
  • They are more confident in their career prospects (3.1 -> 3.8)
  • They feel more prepared for non-academic careers (2.7 -> 3.9)
  • They have greater awareness of career opportunities (2.8 -> 4.1)


Introduction 2016 (Flagel): 

Survey results, resources, and planning 2016 (Teytelman):

Use of myIDP and career exploration 2016 (Silva):

Diverse job skills: Being savvy 2016 (Clarke):

2017 workshop (all in one video):
  • Flagel intro- 0:00
  • Teytelman on participant survey results- 4:38
  • Kamens "First steps to fulfilling career in science"- 19:17
  • Kamens "'Not' Networking 101: Building Relationships"- 1:03:39