Interdisciplinary workshop on the evolution of social norms  

15-16 December 2011, Henley-on-Thames, Henley Business school, Greenland campus 


The workshop will bring together researchers from academia and industry to discuss theoretical (development, influence of attitudes, etc.) and methodological issues (mathematical modelling of group dynamics, actor-based modelling, social-network analysis) concerning the evolution of social norms.  The main objective of the workshop is to help define the future research agenda exploring opportunities for cross-disciplinary research in this field. Especially we would like to define new problems in mathematics that can help tackle the research questions emerged from social sciences. Furthermore we would like to incite exchange between private sector R&D and academia mostly learning more about medium and long term issues and methodologies currently used from private sector participants and state-of-the-art in theory and methodology in their respective fields from academic participants.

We seek submissions of short abstracts, where the scope of the workshop includes (but is not limited to):
·         Privacy as a social norm: did privacy stop to be a social norm (as announced by Mark Zukerberg, the founder of Facebook in January 2010)? Do adolescents have a different notion of privacy to adults? When are individuals ready to bargain their privacy levels for expected benefits – loyalty cards, curtailment of smart-meters in Netherland because of privacy concerns, new European regulatory positioning, the UK Cabinet Office action on access to consumer data?
·         Change in the social interaction etiquette: simultaneous interaction with several interlocutors over different channels seems to have become socially acceptable, (i.e. to talk and SMS, or give an opinion and tweet at the same time). What are the effects of inconsistent behaviour across different communication channels (politely conversing while sending an informal text etc.)?
·         Mathematical models of social norms emergence and development through local interactions, evolving social networks, communicability, agent-based models of group and inter-group polarisation.

The authors of accepted abstracts will be able to give 30 min presentations of their work.

The abstracts should be submitted via 


Important Dates:

Submission of abstracts: 17 November 2011

Notification of acceptance: 25 November 2011

15-16 December 2011: Workshop dates



Confirmed key-note speakers:

Mason Porter, University of Oxford

Sharad Goel, Yahoo! research

Marc Casson, University of Reading

Iqbal Adjaly, Lloyds banking


Organisation committee:

Marina Della Giusta, School of Economics, University of Reading

Rachel McCloy, School of Psychology, University of Reading  

Danica Vukadinovic Greetham, School of Mathematical and Physical Sciences, University of Reading 

Jeffrey Johnson, ASSYST and The Open University

This workshop is funded by ASSYST (Action for the Science of complex SYstems and Socially intelligent icT),


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