Evolution of a Science Classroom

Endeavoring to create an educational environment where we differentiate for 100% of the students 100% of the time

ICE 2016 Presentation: Cloning Yourself - Using technology to differentiate for all students

Evolution of a Science Classroom


        Welcome to our website and blog!  As the name of this site suggests, our science classrooms are evolving.  In the past few years our classrooms have changed from traditional learning environments to classrooms that we feel are on their way to being the "classroom of the future."

Since begining this journey we have incorporate:
  • Elements of the Flipped Classroom Model
  • Blended Learning
  • 1:1 iPad implementation
  • Gamification of Education
  • Physical classroom space re-design

We created this website as a way to share with our fellow educators how our science classrooms have evolved as we incorporate new ideas and practices.  We hope that you enjoy visiting our site and would be happy to answer your questions.  Make sure to check out our blog where we will be documenting our journey as our classrooms continue to evolve.

Thank you,
David Ristow
Lisa Nathaus

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