Jeff's Linux Blog

October 14, 2016

I'm Jeff Story, a blue collar working Linux user who likes to play around with and explore Linux and OSS as a hobby. I've used Linux exclusively for all my computer related needs, since 2008. The info you'll find here is all derived from an Arch Linux systems. As you may know, Arch is a very fast moving system regarding updates, so keep this in mind if any info becomes outdated. I'll try to keep on top of any necessary updates.

I'm going to share some of the things I'm currently investigating and have learned about Linux here. I also consider this a great place for me to centralize some reference notes and files accessible from anywhere as needed.

I'm by no means a programmer or bash guru. Although I always manage to hack together a script, etc, to perform whatever is needed, I also realize I have a ton to learn. I'd much rather hack and modify existing code, than start from scratch, and this preference fits perfectly in the Linux, OSS world. With that said, I have become pretty good at working with a Linux operating systems and am able to accomplish whatever is needed and or repair my systems as required.

If you stumble upon this website and find anything interesting or useful, great. Everything here is free for using, taking, sharing, etc. including anything on my public google drives. Personally, I don't believe plagiarism applies when the subject is simply sharing information.

In the future, Id like to offer iso's and tar archives relating to my projects for downloading here. I want to centralize everything here because this website is currently on a completely free to use service. My former Evo/Lution website www:// hosted via BlueHost was costing me over $100 per year. It was also considerably more work and time consuming to set up and maintain. I'm all about being frugal when appropriate.

My shared Google drives:

Arch Linux
Evo/Lution installer
The Evo/Lution Linux Project