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 I'm Jeff Story, a computer enthusiast who enjoys exploring the inner workings of Linux and open source software as a hobby. I've used Linux for all my computer related needs since 2008. The info you'll find here is mostly derived from an Arch Linux system perspective. Arch is a very fast moving system regarding updates, so keep in mind that the info here may become obsolete due to this fact. As time permits, I'll try to stay on top of any necessary updates to the info as required.

In this blog, I'll document and share some of the things I've learned and or am currently investigating. I'll also use this as a place to centralize some of
my reference notes and files.

I'm somewhat of an aspiring shell scripting hobbyist who could admittedly, invest more time in proper scripting techniques. One thing I have learned is bash scripting is flexible and forgiving enough to perform a particular task in many different ways, some much more  "elegantly" or correct as they say. So although I've learned enough to put together a script to perform what I need, I also realize I have a ton to learn. I actually prefer to modify existing code to do what is needed as opposed starting from scratch, and this preference fits perfectly in the Linux, OSS ecosystem.

If you stumble upon this blog and find anything interesting or useful, great. Everything here is free for using, taking, sharing, etc. including anything on my public google drives. Personally, I don't believe plagiarism applies when the subject matter is simply sharing information.



Update 5/3/2017:
In process of moving to a new blog platform here:

Arch Linux
Evo/Lution installer
The Evo/Lution Linux Project