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Useful Texts

This page contains links to a number of introductory texts, mainly from the early days of Darwinian medicine, that the general reader, or the reader new to the idea of evolutionary medicine, will find useful.

Reviews of Nesse and Williams' "Evolution and Healing" (in UK) - "Why We Get Sick" (in US):

External links to other useful texts:

            (Stanford Medicine Magazine - Stanford Univ. Sch. Med.)

The following are some useful texts that have come into my possession, but I cannot find their source. If you know from whence they originate, please let me know by email so that I can give the authors full recognition.


The following is a selection of articles, in reverse chronological order, by Randolph Nesse. This selection deals with topics of a more somatic, rather than psychiatric, nature. A more extensive list of Nesse's work – including his work dealing evolutionary medicine in relation to psychiatric conditions – can be found on his website [See]:

The following are some useful published articles for which there is limited online access: