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♦ Telegraph Codes

Claude Chappe's Telegraph Code: 

   The above picture demostrates how does his telegraph move to display the codes.

Baron Schilling's Telegraph Code:

Baron Schilling used suspended needles as a receiver. An early design had 36 needles and 72 line wires, but this was reduced later to a single needle. This was in 1820, and comprised the first electromagnetic telegraph

Gauss and Weber's Telegraph Code:
Gauss and Weber of Göttingen University became interested in the subject, and used the mirror galvanometer, which they had invented, as a receiver, employing polarized currents. That is, the direction of the current could be reversed, which gave an opposite deflection of the galvanometer. They constructed an alphabetic code using from one to four deflections to the right or left.

Steinheil's Telegraph Code:

Morse's Telegraph Code:

American Morse Code:

Cooke and Wheatstone's Needle Telegraph Code:

Bréguet's Telegraph Code: